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    Hi everybody, Just had a couple extra seconds and thought I would pop in and say hi. Life has gotten extra busy and no time for internet stuff lately. Most of you know I am in construction and got my contractor license almost two years ago. Well, I have for years been complaining that there are no "starter homes" (inexpensive basic homes for a young couple to buy as their beginner home) available anymore because of government regulations and fees pushing the price of even a basic home so high that a young couple could not really afford it. Well, I decided to stop being a complainer and try to do something about it so I have formed an alliance of builders to do just that. We have accuired a subdivision that was up for past due taxes and are working to build homes that are intended only for starting out young people. We have already picked up several sponsors and a few donations from the local community and I am very excited at how everything just seems to be falling into place almost as I work foward. But, this eats up almost all of my free time. Things like posting here was fdone during dead time at work, my homelife was already full so I had to make some changes. I still do job estimating but I rarely go to the office and work from home. I had to purchase a plotter so I could print full sized scale prints to do my takeoffs with and I take less jobs than I used to because I have to spend so much time on the homes. I actually put my own pouches back on and am framing again, I never thought I would do that but this is the one way among many ways I am keeping the cost down on the homes. So far we have 5 prospective young families who have qualified and 7 more in the process, I only have 3 homes close to be ready though so I have to keep up a fast pace. Just to guve you guys an idea, the average price on what the industry considers a "basic home" is about $115,000 to $125,000 and few young adults can afford to make the payments even if they can get the financing. Our homes are targeting $82,000 and the donations have made it possible for me to offer a line item discount to the first 5 people I already have approved of $3,000, that will give them a new home at $79,000. I still have a lot of fund raising to do and my goal is to get $3,000 for every new home donated. Anyway, I again was mostly just saying hi, I hope everyone is doing well. Bye
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    Well as fate would have it, yet another unexpected surprise entered my life. You all may remember a post I made a few years ago about my best friend who I busted smoking crack in her bathroom, and turned her in to hopefully save her life. Trust me she could not get into that again. Well I haven't seen her in 3 years. The last time I saw her she chewed me out on a playground (which I expected). So I go to my son's new doctor the other day and walking down the hall is my friend. At first I thought no friggin way, and tried to divert my path. She called my name and told me to come here and she hugged me. She told me she loves me, and that I saved her life. She has been working for 3 years and supporting her daughter, and living the clean life. She got rid of that drug-addicted husband of hers. We have made plans to go camping and I am so thankful that I got to speak with her again. She actually apologized to me for all that she did to me, and I told her she didn't need to. Just seeing her doing so well is so awesome. It was the hardest thing I ever did and questioned myself so many times over it, but knew she would end up probably dead if I didn't intervene. I am so glad she didn't continue down the wrong path.
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    I think it's gonna be a landslide. In Obama's favor;)
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    It is so scientific!! That poll represents every single American in the country! Just like those Obama approval polls (which I've never been asked about or voted on.) They are 100% legitimate, unbiased and FACT! If it's on the internet, it must be true.
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    No one missed you. At least, I didn't. About why you've been gone if that's true, that's really good. Good for you and hopefully they're not shoddy, crappy homes.
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    Hey TJ.. I'm not you..