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    Well as fate would have it, yet another unexpected surprise entered my life. You all may remember a post I made a few years ago about my best friend who I busted smoking crack in her bathroom, and turned her in to hopefully save her life. Trust me she could not get into that again. Well I haven't seen her in 3 years. The last time I saw her she chewed me out on a playground (which I expected). So I go to my son's new doctor the other day and walking down the hall is my friend. At first I thought no friggin way, and tried to divert my path. She called my name and told me to come here and she hugged me. She told me she loves me, and that I saved her life. She has been working for 3 years and supporting her daughter, and living the clean life. She got rid of that drug-addicted husband of hers. We have made plans to go camping and I am so thankful that I got to speak with her again. She actually apologized to me for all that she did to me, and I told her she didn't need to. Just seeing her doing so well is so awesome. It was the hardest thing I ever did and questioned myself so many times over it, but knew she would end up probably dead if I didn't intervene. I am so glad she didn't continue down the wrong path.
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    It is truly sad to see the lengths people will go to in order to get the peanut butter jelly time song out of their head.
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    And just who didn't see all of this coming? Come on, folks! Having you been paying attention for the past 30 years? In virtually every state and community in this nation liberals have been blaming racism for any failure, miscalculation, controversy or outright act of corruption by black elected officials. There has been a standard operating methodology: 1. Black citizen elected to office. 2. Black official runs into opposition to policy objectives or has a problem with corruption. 3. Black supporters and Democrats blame the problems on race. One-two-three. This scenario has been played out so many times in modern American history it would have been impossible to keep count. Now a black man has become president. Some fools thought that this would help our country move beyond racial division. Well --- perhaps it would have, if only evil white people had been smart enough not to object to anything this man might propose. It didn't work out that way, so now the left and the media are finding racists under every bed, behind every utility pole and on every street in America. Newsweek Magazine even ran a totally absurd story about racism in babies ... putting a picture of a white infant on the cover with the title "Is your baby racist?" Read that story and you'll find that the authors think that it would be horrifying if a white child were to ever express pride in being white. NurtureShock Cover Story for Newsweek – "Is Your Baby Racist?" Last year, before the election, some of us predicted that if (or when) Barack Obama became president that this would happen. We said that every time his policies met with opposition the left would start screaming racism. So what happened when we said that this would happen? Well ... you guessed it. We were called racists. You just can't imagine how surprised and shocked we were. So .. here is what Jimmy Carter, Bill Moyers, Hank Johnson, much of the Washington and New York press corps, Newsweek Magazine and the brilliant thinkers on the American left would have you believe of Americans right now: 1. We would be more than willing to welcome cap-and-trade with open arms, even if we paid a thousand dollars or more extra every year for our energy use, if Barack Obama were only white. 2. We would be dancing in the streets celebrating the dawning of government control of our health care if only Barack Obama were white. 3. It would be just dandy if government bureaucrats rationed health care for our parents, as long as the president is white. 4. We would jump at the chance of the government owning ALL of the auto manufacturing companies .. not just General Motors ... if the president just didn't have dark skin. 5. We would applaud those ACORN workers giving tax avoidance advice to a pimp and his prostitute if the workers hadn't been black. 6. Most Americans - even ones that don't pay income taxes now - would be more than willing to give 70% of everything they earn to the federal government when asked ... so long as they are asked by a white president. 7. We would have been thrilled, I tell you ... THRILLED to have all of those Islamic goons being held at Guantanamo be not only released, but sent to be school resource officers at our local government schools, if only a white president put that plan in motion. 8. It would be OK if a white president stood back and allowed Iran to build its coveted nukes ... we're only unhappy about that because a black president is doing it. 9. Deficits? We don't care about deficits! Make our children and grand children and great grand children pay through the nose for our president's spending habits ... just so long as the president isn't black. 10. Government pork? Like we actually care? Look ... you folks in Washington can spend all the money you want - how about more studies of the mating habits of Polish Zlotnika pigs? - just make sure it's not a black president who signs the spending bill into law. 11. We wouldn't care if all illegal aliens were counted twice in the next Census ... just so long as the president isn't black. 12. Those Black Panther thugs who threatened voters in Philly? The ONLY reason we're upset that they were given a pass is because Barack Obama is black. 13. Every single member of the president's cabinet could be a tax cheat as far as we're concerned ... just so long as the president is white. 14. Forced unionization? Bring it on! We love card check! We love the idea of union goons threatening and intimidating workers to sign a card saying they want to belong to a union! What we don't like is that a black president is pushing this idea. 15. Single-party talks with that Gargoyle that runs North Korea? It's about time we legitimized that little pipsqueak. We're only mildly upset here because the person who is doing that happens to be black. 16. More regulation of the finance sector? We could care less! For all we care you can nationalize the banks and decree that only the government can make home loans .. .and you can even apportion those home loans on the basis of race if you want to ... just so long as the president is white! 17. Minimum wage? Like we care about that? Raise it to $15 an hour if you want! Just give us our white president back. Talk of the "lunatic fringe". Jesus Christ! They have us all pegged perfect. DISCLAIMER: Please note the sarcasm. That is all.
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    First thing. The word is "punish" with only one "n". Second, if it wasn't a big deal, and you really think it's funny, why make an entire thread of it, and make a big deal of it. http://justbs.us/top...post__p__108323
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    Deficits mean future tax increases, pure and simple. Deficit spending should be viewed as a tax on future generations, and politicians who create deficits should be exposed as tax hikers. Ron Paul
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    no but the 14 resolutions and 9/ll told him to. How many resolutions were there against Israel? Since when do we take orders from the United Nations?
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    Wow! Good to deny the truth when it is staring you in the face, eddo. no, just making an observation of how Bush's history is in no way relevant to Obama's history.
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    sings: "I'm not you, you're not me, Wez and TJ kissing in a tree! annoying you, annoying me, like a dysfunctional family!"
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    That 15% just represents the increase in domestic spending from 2001-2005. The looming healthcare and SS liabilities are frightening. Tax cuts should be accompanied by spending cuts and new domestic programs should be paid for. We need to return to the small government, balanced budget, principles of Barry Goldwater.
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    Not as pathetic as giving yourself rep. Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
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    I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to indiscriminately dump their daily quota of negative rep on TJ to make him laugh.. C'mon.. he thinks it's funny.. do the guy a favor.. he deserves a break and a good laugh.. it's not easy being the last vestige of hope for the survival of conservatism, morality, and the human race.. we owe him our very lives.. the least we can do is make him smile and lol !! So.. please show your appreciation wherever ya can.. everyday that ya can.. Dammit.. I'm out.. I'll have another batch for ya around 2pm tomorrow.. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for ya.. we love ya TJ!
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    That's a big bogus too, cause with Dem's controlling the house, the senate, and the White House, Obama should be able to get pretty much whatever his heart desires. He can't because he doesn't want to. --Make it easier to become legal. I am not against those wanting to come here and become part of America- earning their keep, paying their way, making our country better and stronger. I am against those coming here to suckle the American teet at my expense. --A flat tax- so that taxes aren't just coming from legals, but from everyone that purchases anything. --Finish the wall. It seems archaic, but there is just to much garbage (drug dealers, mafia, gun runners, etc) that have easy access. We have got to make it harder for them to get in. --More Border Patrol to patrol. --More National Guard in the hot spots- to protect Americans. --Encourage Mexico to become more focused on their people and their needs. Their government is corrupt and couldn't care less about it's people. This issue is real to me, Builder. It is more than just a talking point, or a debate topic. I am an hour away from the Mexico border, and I see this mess all the time. I see the messes in the desert where illegals cross and leave garbage all over. I see the cars with out of country plates dropping their kids off at our schools- where they get an education that I am paying for, but they are not. I have the friends that have had their identities stolen by illegals getting a job with their social security number. Next week I will go to Mexico for a week to work my butt off to provide housing for orphans- orphans that the church has to support because the gov't couldn't care less about taking care of it's people. People in the outskirts live in cardbox box communities with big holes dug in the backyard for a bathroom. Meanwhile the catholic churches are big and elaborate, the officials all live is luxurious houses, and the gov't randomly shuts power off to the city because they can. They just don't care.
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    Before I decided to forego birth control and let nature decide if I would have children I asked myself two basic questions. #1 Am I in a stable relationship and #2 Will she be a good mother. My answer to both those question was yes. My son had a stable family throughout his childhood and I have now been married 30 years. Times asked one question #1 Will the kids be white. The mother of his biological children is now giving ten dollar blow jobs at a neighborhood crackhouse.
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    TJ and Tammi. Once we were a nation of brave pioneers.
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    yeah, I'd say Ricky got you... lol
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    Two necrophiliacs are at work in the morgue. One of them turns to the other and says, "You should have seen this woman they brought in last week. They pulled her out of the water after she'd been there for three weeks. Man, I'm tellin' you, her clit was just like a pickle." "What," the other asks, "green?". "No," says the first, " a bit sour." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh What!! You expected clean? From Me?
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    A man and woman were sitting on their front porch enjoying the afternoon of their 40th anniversary. All of a sudden, the woman got up, walked across the porch and smacked her husband across the face. Shocked, her husband asked, "What was that for?" She said, "That is for 40 years of bad sex." Then she sat back down. A few minutes later the husband got up, walked across the porch and smacked his wife across the face. She looked up at him and asked, "What was that for?" He answered, "That's for knowing the difference."
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    OK I changed the setting from 20 to 5, you should now be able to rep someone again after you give rep to 4 others. . .
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    Actually, semantics are pretty relevant here. He said some people should not vote. And he's quite correct. I know a few people that shouldn't vote. And they don't. Because they know they shouldn't. It's not that they don't want to. They're doing the responsible thing and not voting when they know nothing about politics and don't give a sh*t. He never said that some people should not be able to vote. Just that some people shouldn't vote. Big difference. And how do you know the desires of his heart? By reading the text he posted on the internet? It is not about the desire of his heart, it is the actual words he said. He said some people should not vote, I said the exact same thing, trying to make it "sound" different is simply silly. As usual this is all about Joe trying to play "gotcha" and later getting his words tossed back at him and he is not man enough to admit it. Hm. Sounds simple enough. Oh, I get it. He said that you shouldn't limit who CAN vote. Hm. Haha, ok. You must not know how to comprehend what you read. Did he once try to advocate limiting who had the right to vote, Times? Except he didn't say that. You're putting your foot in your mouth trying to put words in his. He didn't "SAY" that. At all. You fail at reading. So YOU said voting should be limited. He never advocated a ruling class, you did. I've quoted what he said VERBATIM, proving you're reading it incorrectly and attributing things to him he didn't say/do/believe in. You're WRONG. Try to grasp that concept. Hm. Sounds like Joe DIDN'T want to limit who could vote. You did. EXACT QUOTE. And that's word to your mother. Peace.
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    Looks that way being you are always using nasty language in my direction, you could just ask me why I see him as small and I would gladly tell you why but instead you flame me and act like Stewart is your personal God or something. No, I stated a fact. You took it as an insult. Boo hoo. A few bloggers who nobody knows got to interview the President before Stewart so does that mean he was less important than the bloggers? I'm sure they have as many fans as Stewart too, right? Yes, John Stewart is less well known than the President of the US. Great point. Did you SERIOUSLY expect him to OVERSHADOW the host of the show he was on? Really? Why would they let that happen? John Stewart is SUPPOSED to overshadow the person he's interviewing. He's the comedian, the host has to be a "straight man" so to speak, in order for jokes to be made. It's how it works. He wasn't disrespectful, he did what he does for a living every night. Suck it up. Everything Stewart did was disrespectful, from creating a similar stage to the inauguration to treating him in a disrespectful tone and such was purely wrong. Disrespectful tone? You're so ridiculous sometimes. There was nothing about his tone that was disrespectful. Rewatch it. He wasn't disrespectful to him at all. He treated him like he would any other guest he had, and I don't know why Obama would expect to be treated any differently. I know his show is purely for comedic purposes. I understand this. Then why the f*** would he spare the guy he makes fun of so frequently? That would be hypocritical and wrong. "I'll talk sh*t about you when you aren't near me, but I'll smile and be all nice to your face and not ask hard questions or try to call you out, because you're the President." It is a comedy show....hello.......... Stop giving Stewart more credit than he has earned. There are a lot of real reporters out there who do the job every day, Stewart takes the news, twists it enough to make it funny and dishes it out to a bunch of idiots who think he knows what he is talking about, nothing more. I know it's a comedy show. YOU seem to have an issue with that. You act like The Daily Show is CNN and Stewart is a respected journalist, and it's an outrage that comedy happened. Calling the President of the United States "dude" is never appropriate kid. I watched only part of the show and I felt my IQ dropping rapidly. Nobody with self respect and a speck of independence could watch that show. Times: You hold only THE HIGHEST opinion and UTMOST RESPECT for him, right? Yes, calling him weak, arrogant, and dumb as a rock is SO MUCH BETTER than "dude". Fucking hypocrite.
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    The person wanting foreigners receiving benefits from taxes on local citizens is Times. I don't call that conservative.
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    I'm fat. I'm 5'8", just over 300lbs. 305 or something I think. I don't have a problem seeing people that have my general body type. Even some of the bigger ones, I'm cool with. But if you're so fat that you have to use a motorized cart to get around Wal-Mart, you need to rethink some things about your life. There are old people that could use those carts, and even if they're fat old people, they've lived long enough to where walking around a Wal-Mart Supercenter would cause them issues. The one I work at is a big store. That said, just some basic issues I've had with large people: 1. Smell. If you smell horrible ALL THE TIME, take care of it. If you've had a long day and you smell, whatever. I'd prefer you not be near me, but I've had days where I had to run errands and at the end of them I wasn't fresh and clean. It happens. But if you walk out of the house and smell like you haven't showered in a week, you are an butt hole. Simple as that. This goes for skinny people as well. 2. Overhang. If I can see your fat, you're doing it wrong. The only time I let my fat hang out is when I'm at home and nobody is around. Why? Because I know people probably don't want to see my fat. I wear clothes like a size too big to MAKE SURE my fat is covered. If I have to see a man-boob, or your nasty, stretch-marked stomach, you're an butt hole. To the fat chicks that think they're hot when they show off their fat: f*** you, you disgusting piglet. Nobody wants to see that sh*t, even us fat people. I don't show my keg off for a reason. 3. Laziness. Now, I'm a lazy motherfucker. I don't like doing things that require energy. I happen to fit a stereotype there because I'm fat. But I go to work every day, at a job where I stand for 8ish hours. I do things when necessary. But if you can't make it around the local Wal-Mart for a few things (I've seen fat people come up with like 5 things in the cart, no joke), you need to get out more. As for the buffet thing, I don't see a problem with it. If you're eating sloppily, like a pig, you have no dignity. That goes for skinny people as well. Also, on a side note: I am currently dating a fat chick. We both acknowledge we're fat, and have our fat moments, but we don't commit the above sins, because we respect ourselves. And honestly, I think she's the most beautiful woman in the world. I like bigger women. The skinny ones tend to look unhealthy.
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    People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates. ~Thomas Szasz People who have found themselves, don't need to quote others.~Phreakwars. .
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    There is no unifird voice among Muslims because as I have stated before a significant percentage of Muslims around the globe support terrorism. Muslims are also, like Christians, divided among differents sects. Once again, there is a civil war within Islam that we need the moderates to win. There is no pope of Islam to provide a unifying voice. The fact is Muslims have the same 1st Amendment and 4th Amendment rights as Christians. It is the bigots, like TJ, who believe biracial children should never be born, who have ran off economically conservative minorities and have all but insured the Republicans will be a permanent minority party within 20 years. I am a Barry Goldwater conservative, not a George Wallace conservative. What made our country is the Constitution. Those who attack it for some perceived temporary gain are scum. More and more, TJ, you prove you have more in commom with Stalin and Hitler than Jefferson and Madison. Unlike liberals and conservatives I support all ten amendments in the Bill of Rpghts.
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    I'm not going to respond to each of your points. I'm getting tired of you trying to paint me as a hater of America, a progressive, a Socialist, etc, etc. There's no point. Your whole argument is based on assumptions. You assume I hate our country. You assume I'm a coward. You assume a lot of things. You keep lumping me into groups just to attack me, and it's aggravating. Everything I've read in your post I've either countered in prior posts, is presumptive, or is just some random attack. Especially where you dance around what I say to pull something out of nowhere to accuse me of. One point I will respond to: When you said that "An attack on American soil is an American problem, blah blah blah", then proceed to tell me I need to search my soul. Look at the quote you're responding to. Not only did what you said mean you didn't read it, you didn't even try. You saw "9/11" and "you have NO BUSINESS IN" and decided to put the two together, ignoring the rest. That's all of your retorts. All of your posts are the same stuff. You keep using Strawman tactics, saying I am something I've not said, or putting words in my mouth, and your magical use of logic fallacies is blatant. Everyone can see that. I'm glad you think you're good at arguing points. I'm just done trying to defend myself from someone who keeps giving me opinions I don't have, attacking them, and then asserting that I'm a bad person. I leave you with 3 points: 1. I'm for the Community Center. It's not a mosque. It has a prayer area inside of it. Whether you believe that or not is your problem, not mine. 2. I don't hate America. I like our country. I think there's room for improvement. I think some of our policies are what gave terrorists fuel to attack us in the first place (like a "wow those guys are dicks" type rhetoric they could use to recruit). To most of the world we seem self-righteous. And Iraq never attacked us, so we wasted tax money over there. 3. I'm not a progressive, a socialist, or any other group you seem to lump me in so you can assume my values are likewise. I'm done with this argument.
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    We ain't got capitalism. Yeah, I know, some sh*t about a republic. You got capitalism in every way shape and form Hugo. If you don't, tell me what you really got. We got what everyone else has a mixed economy with, in our case,the mixture heading toward more government control of the economy. We are really moving toward fascism at a rapid rate where the government does not directly own the means of production but controls it through regulations, taxes, subsidies, tariffs, etc. Add our military industrial complex to the list and what you see is an economy much like fascism under Mussolini and Hitler. Capitalism does not die naturally. It can only be thwarted by tyrants, including tyrannical majorities. It can't be killed. No matter how much the USSR tried to kill it the black market remained. I stop by and purchase produce from a farmer at a roadside stand. That is capitalism untainted by government (providing no income is reported). We had a republic, not much left of it. A republic that was pretty strongly capitalist. A republic is a form of government. Capitalism is the economic system that naturally exists in the absence of government.
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    I believe the knee-jerk reactions from right-wing fundamentalist christians are feeding both ends of the propaganda machine. The town I'm leaving in the morning has forty nationalities, twelve religions, including muslims and they account for 28% of the population, and there is not a single account of secular or non-secular violence in the forty years since islamics started arriving. Check that link from my last post, Hugo. Total integration, and the town is still welcoming islamic refugees from Burma, Afghanistan, China and Africa. Tolerance seems to be the answer. Tolerance is almost always the answer. Has to be a two way street though, and unfortunately in the US there are way too many supposedly credible organizations like the NAACP, SPLC, Rainbow Coalition, National Action Network, Christian Coalition, La Raza etc... who make their living off of keeping people divided under the guise of working for tolerance.
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    I'm out.. hahahahaha.. you're right TJ.. it is funny.. See ya tomorrow! btw.. your reverse psychology skills suck worse than your spelling..
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    Who is the real loser Chi? The person giving negative rep out of revenge seeking or the person toying with that person to frustrate their attempts? I admit to playing with you guys a little, as you got all excited giving negative rep to old coments I made I would counter enough to keep it balanced for a shor time, but with four of you all joining forced I could not keep up, lol. Even Anna said giving negative rep because you don't possess the mental strength to offer a reasonable debate is simply pathetic, and yes, that makes you guys look very weak. Any way you slice it, you are the biggest loser on the site. Period. You keep bringing Anna's comment, like it is a small victory for you or something. FYI she then clarified that she was referring to YOU when she made that comment. Don't you feel like an ass?
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    I don't think I ever rep'd or negative rep'd anyone until today. That was fun! I think I'll do it more often, now!
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    Been meaning to do it for a while, but anyways, I assigned Royal Orleans back into the position on WPYO that he was great at, over here as well. . .
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    Because whining makes you sound like a pu$$y.
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    No... Hugo's way implies that you wish they had never existed or been created in the first place... which you have confirmed with your last comment. It screams "Stick to your own kind!" I guess we could go back to a segregated society where a white person would never consider interacting with, let alone pro-creating with, a person of color, unless it was in the capacity of servitude to make you happy and keeps the races from intermingling. Some people are quite able to see past the color of one's skin and not many of us can help who we fall in love with. Many of these mixed breed children are born from committed, responsible relationships and aren't taking a fukking dime of your tax dollars. I think that by stating your opinion, you've insulted a great many of us who happen to be in one of those committed mixed race relationships that resulted in bringing our mixed race children into your lily white world.
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    Whaaa! Waaa! Chi isn't playing fair. Waaaaaa! Maybe if you weren't such a whiny bitch people would take you seriously or at least give some credence to your postings.
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    Why the hell didn't we use adult protection.. you and your gawd damn irresponsible vagina..
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    Timejoke, Timesjoke, Timesjoke. he he he
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    Oh. My. God. Here, TJ: I got you the Gentle Glide pack, because clearly you have an exceptionally sensitive vagina. And before you start running your mouth....hell yes, this was an intentional flame. RO's comment was not. Learn the fucking difference.
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    The people who protest at military funerals are among the most vile human beings on the face of the planet and I'm sure there is a place in the lowest levels of hell for their kind. That said, I have to support their right to free speech. I do though favor a legal distance these people have to stay away from the service/viewing/rosary/internment/etc... Free speech isn't something that is limited to kind speech. The right to free speech was set to allow unpopular and unsavory speech.
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    You're just trying to back peddle because RO caught you being a hypocrite about one of your famous all/none, always/never, comments and are now trying to spin it like a faggoty, little, c0cksucking, male ballet dancer.
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    Now you resort to flames? Ohh... TJ. How does it feel to be back to your same old self? That old TJ who you've been trying to repress for so long has finally reared his head. Welcome back, old hat. I guess you never had any real intention of changing, huh? That you wanted everyone else to swaddle you with attention and shower you with affection through the "Times Hush" thread. Once you have their affections, you use their goodwill against them as soon as there is a conflicting viewpoint or a slight difference in outlook. "Ohhhh... woe is me!". You play the victim card well. So now you flame me after posting in a different thread that you will only expose a flame, but not return one. Hypocrite! You point out every little idiosyncrasy that could be misconstrued as a flame, but you don't think that it applies to you. The jig is up, TJ, we all know what type of person that you really are and we all know what you're capable. So I have inserted the quotes into your signatures. Not for a cheap laugh, not for a reason to ride you, but a reminder to you that we (the people of this forum) know who you really are. ------- If you want to respond to this remark, TJ. Then I'd suggest doing it in a PM. ------- Now... back on topic. You still can't turn the tables on to me, TJ. No matter what you say, how you say it, who you say it to, you can not take away the fact that you never said that it is your "opinion". Instead, you assert the thoughts of "experts" on the subject as the truth. It might be true, but there is certainly not much proof other than exit poll results. And I never said anything about not using exit polls. I was referring to all the stupid, c*ckeyed opinion polls that plagued the Internet and mainstream days, weeks, months leading up to the election. An opinion poll is a survey done before the actual poll, whereas an exit poll is a post poll survey. Either of which are speculative. Though I'm more comfortable with an exit poll, because in an opinion poll the question might be directed at a group that doesn't even vote. I never asserted myself with God-to-honest facts, I have always contended that what I say is a matter of opinion. Thus "I think", "My opinion", or "Perhaps..." peppering my remarks. If you believe that everything I type is FACT... then do some homework. And if you can't tell a difference, then crack a dictionary and look up "opinion". You can't believe everything that you read. ----- Hugo posted it. It is up to hugo to decide if he wants to or not.
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    Nothing worse then the misuse of bible quotes to defend divorce and fornication, TJ. I ain't angry, just trying to save you from hellfire.
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    ya know, I hate that you have more rep than I do, but you just make so much gosh darn sense!!! Stop it!!
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    Regular Sex will make your day, but Anal sex will make your hole weak.
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    since I saw that one episode of ChIPS back in 1982. yeah.... that's it
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    The debate tactic of attacking the person, instead of their message, is getting old.