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  • Hey cutie! Thanks for talking me down last night. It would've been stupid of me to end it all over a 404 Error message!
    Hey ya! If you have a yahoo handle, please send to your earliest convenience sil vous plait!
    Hey woman (said in best Jamaican accent)...just 'cause I feel like it. Where ya' been. It's not the same without ya.
    It's a hard J but I only know how to pronounce it because of that King of the Hill episode where they play cards with their neighbours. The wife says "next time, we play mahjong. bring your cheque-book"
    Playing Mahjong...loooozer! Is it pronounced Mahjong with a hard "j"...or Mahyong...just wondering....
    Thanx again, Ali. The Olio and Inspiration albums are public. Anyone can see them. The family albums are private - only friends can seem them.
    Actually, there are four in all: two family albums, one olio album, and one inspiration album.
    But, but, I was being unfair and biased towards him because he is a conservative. IT'S TRUE, IT'S TRUE !!
    Poor Jungle. I hope Feckless bans him. With no reason given. Just bans him for being a douche-bag. He's the most irritating, boring piece o' shat I've ever come across online.
    I adore people who have a sense of humor about life, love, themselves, a bleached anus and whatnot. Since timesjoke has complained and bored his way into the mix over at the Jungle, I thought it would be a good time to check out other options because he's causing the fun to sag over there like a poop filled diaper. Everyone here seems low key and willing to laugh at one another which is exactly the kind of atmosphere I enjoy. :)
    Nowhere near as glad as I am that you came over! This place was becoming a sausage filled graveyard .... :)
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