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  • Let's dance. You can do a little two-step. I'll go anywhere that you step to, 'cause I'm following you ....
    Good to see you on, not that I've been here all that often. I thought you might be amused by the fact that I use the screen name Nurse Ratched on one of the sites I go on.:)
    The hour of vengeance is well nigh, my dear. Be wary; even as we spread the tall grass open, blade clinched in our maws, and approach with optimistic caution. I will string an arrow to my bow... we will have our quarry.
    Thanks Anna.. Not quite done yet but very soon.. bout a month left :)
    I'm well! I'd be even better if I saw you around more often.
    How are you, luv?
    Hey Anna! Good to see ya.. Long time.. hope all's well down under..
    Hey gorgeous! It's been forever since I've logged in. I've sure missed ya!

    How are things going for you? I've been staying super busy at work and dealing with a lot of personal drama, but all is well for the most part. I'll try to check in more regularly, but you know how it goes. Beautiful, smart, popular women like us are so in demand, it's hard to find free time to get our geek on...haha.

    Hopefully we'll be able to meet up in the shout box soon. :)
    I'm good.. glad all's well.. been busy with school.. almost done for the summer though! Can't wait.. be fun to get my ass kicked at scrabble soon! :)
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