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  • The Suckage has been Hi-Jacked by Muslim cyber-terrorists!!! They have declared Jihad on the Suckage.
    When conservatives speak, it's the honest truth. When liberals record conservatives' speech and play it back, it's liberal propaganda.
    Your right, a liberal would rather the facts are in the forefront and were used in the discussion
    That's not my call. I'm going by my commitment to let the Mod(s)handle the site members, and just stay in a position of handling software issues.
    TJ has to go, man. He is seriously quelling any hopes of building the site up. I have about four new members, I'd like to bring in here. Yet, I am reluctant to do so because of the bullsh!t we've ALL been through with that imbecile.
    For what it's worth, it's good to see you!
    You mean TJ? LOL...yeah, the only thing he's a victim of is his own sh!t and inflated ego. I read some of the archives and thought you, Cloaked and IWS were more than fair at trying to give him a chance to settle in like a "normal" human being.
    Unless that wasn't you at the Jungle either.. pretty sure though. You'd know better than I of course.. But imposters are not uncommon.. I have one at free speech right now.. :D
    Hey man.. I was talking about when you were at the jungle for a bit there, I knew you weren't at WPYO anymore.. I was still banned from there and only re-joined like a week before Nazz Spazzed.. It was when eddo became "lead mod". He was banning and boxing me over there for "harrassing" and then "kissing your ass" at the Jungle..Nazz already owned it and made eddo "lead mod" by that time.. I knew they were f*cking with your alias over there.. Matter of fact, eddo boxed you there too I think... hahahaha... remember?
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