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  1. We're Back

    After being gone for a few years Just BS is back and will be better then ever. Due to health issues I shut down Just BS. Since I've had surgery and rehab I am back to my old self and can dedicate time to re-building the community. I'd like to welcome everyone back. I will send out an email to announce the re-opening in the next couple days.
  2. Off to bed I go. Want to start Friday early so I can end it early.

  3. Created my 1ST #IPB skin ever using the new skin editor. Even cracked open my css bible. Let me know what you think. http://eightforum.com/

  4. Just re-opened http://justdebates.com after having it closed for almost 2 years.

  5. The heat is geting to me. No relief in site either.

  6. Will @olivierturbis ever fix Delight and Dedark to work correctly with IE9? The same bug I reported over a month ago still isn't fixed.

  7. What?

    At least you came through it. I will say any man that beats a woman deserves just what you gave him.
  8. Checking out Google+. Liking it so far.

  9. Good morning World. Sun is shining, weather is perfect. Great day it is for sure.

  10. http://eightforum.com now running #IPB 3.2b2. When you trust the devs you can live on the bleeding edge.

  11. Not liking the new admin in WP 3.2. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

  12. http://notbeingused.net just got turned into a market place to buy, sell or trade websites, content and scripts.

  13. Working on a new site. Actually doing something with an old site that I wanted to do a while ago. Stay tuned for more info.

  14. Database Crash

    I had a catastrophic server crash on one of the mysql slave servers. It happened as the data was syncing between the servers. I lost the vbulletin database completely. I tried to repair it and in the end gave up. I also lost all backups. Anyone that registered while we were running vbulletin is lost. All posts from that time, almost 2 months, are also lost. I apologize to those that got wiped out and hope you register again. I have added safeguards to make sure this never happens again