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  1. We're Back

    After being gone for a few years Just BS is back and will be better then ever. Due to health issues I shut down Just BS. Since I've had surgery and rehab I am back to my old self and can dedicate time to re-building the community. I'd like to welcome everyone back. I will send out an email to announce the re-opening in the next couple days.
  2. Off to bed I go. Want to start Friday early so I can end it early.

  3. Created my 1ST #IPB skin ever using the new skin editor. Even cracked open my css bible. Let me know what you think. http://eightforum.com/

  4. Just re-opened http://justdebates.com after having it closed for almost 2 years.

  5. The heat is geting to me. No relief in site either.

  6. Will @olivierturbis ever fix Delight and Dedark to work correctly with IE9? The same bug I reported over a month ago still isn't fixed.

  7. What?

    At least you came through it. I will say any man that beats a woman deserves just what you gave him.
  8. Checking out Google+. Liking it so far.

  9. Good morning World. Sun is shining, weather is perfect. Great day it is for sure.

  10. http://eightforum.com now running #IPB 3.2b2. When you trust the devs you can live on the bleeding edge.

  11. Not liking the new admin in WP 3.2. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

  12. http://notbeingused.net just got turned into a market place to buy, sell or trade websites, content and scripts.

  13. Working on a new site. Actually doing something with an old site that I wanted to do a while ago. Stay tuned for more info.

  14. Database Crash

    I had a catastrophic server crash on one of the mysql slave servers. It happened as the data was syncing between the servers. I lost the vbulletin database completely. I tried to repair it and in the end gave up. I also lost all backups. Anyone that registered while we were running vbulletin is lost. All posts from that time, almost 2 months, are also lost. I apologize to those that got wiped out and hope you register again. I have added safeguards to make sure this never happens again
  15. Major Changes Coming

    There will be some major changes coming in the next month or so. More info will be posted as I get the plan finalized. For one this site will be merged with an off topic forum I bought a couple weeks ago. I am also considering a software change for the forum and the gallery. Watch this topic for further news on what is in store for Just BS.
  16. Major Changes Coming

    When the change is finished we might lose a few posts. That's not a bad thing is it? What we will gain is: Arcade Points system and better reputation system A market place to use the points you accumulate to get new cool features or to screw with someone you like to mess with. A better shoutbox and chat. A few surprise features. Stay tuned things are about to get better.
  17. By this time next week my beautiful daughter will be married. Vegas here I come.

  18. More good eats can only be aq good thing. RT @Suntimes: Twelve new vendors coming to Taste of Chicago. http://suntm.es/mSDB7X

  19. I'm at 31st Street Beach (3100 S. Lake Shore Dr, 31st St, Chicago) http://4sq.com/kKK0fb

  20. No stealth moderation they say. Yea right. A thread about a bunch of hacked forums mysteriously disappeared.

  21. #IPB 3.2 looks like a real winner. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

  22. Jeez am I glad today is over.

  23. What a lazy day today is.