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  1. Happy Birthday, Cloaked

    Happy Belated Birthday Boss!
  2. Happy Birthday

    Happy Belated Birthday!!
  3. I am a grandfather

    congrats man. as a new father, i know you are excited!
  4. Worst Person in the World

    seriously... this is why some laws dont work.... That bitch is sick.
  5. Scandal in Seattle

    rofl... wow
  6. Happy Birthday Wez

    Happy belated birthday guy!
  7. Happy Birthday IWS

    Happy Way Belated Birthday!!!
  8. Happy Birthday Eddo

    Same as Ali.. Happy Birthday... a quarter of a year later
  9. SOLD!!!!!!

    Congrats Ali!!!
  10. The real progressive mind revealed.

    Maybe you don't understand islam. It's not Allah that commands them to kill... it is muhammad and the qu'ran.
  11. That was a very informative video... I don't see how anyone could argue against the points that the guy talking made. I would surely like to hear some.

    Happy Birthday guy! That being said... He get's a birthday thread on his birthday, and I didn't? Ouch.
  13. AP - Penelope Cruz is pregnant

    at her age? She's still hott
  14. I didn't realize that you can hide this bar...