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  1. Yet even another personality test...

    There is no good or bad in myers-briggs. Just different personalities. Ali, you're not a freak. INTP's are awesome, intelligent, wonderful individuals. That's what I am. You shouldn't be ashamed of INTJ. They are the evil masterminds, the scientists...Stewie from Family Guy is an INTJ. I love Myers-Briggs. I?ve been studying it for years now. When I meet new people it is almost impossible for me to not start classifying them according to the eight traits. It really helps with knowing how to approach certain people/situations.
  2. New Job: Public Defender's Office- Narcotics Division...Who'da thunk it?

    1. Cloaked


      If you get any spare drugs send them my way.

  3. Speak up or avoid & destroy

    One day she will be old and weak. Then it will be her children's turn to take care of her. I hope she teaches them a lot about caregiving...
  4. Vaginal Products

    I think it is funny how many men seem to be interested in vaginal products.... And Jenn, you're not supposed to eat them, hun.
  5. Stupidity vs Ignorance

    Found this quote online: "I can tolerate ignorance must easier than I can tolerate stupid; ignorance has a remedy, stupid doesn't" Funny, I feel the exact opposite. I think stupid has an excuse where ignorance doesn't. Just curious as to your thoughts... Which annoys you more?
  6. Firefighting Fee

    I'm sure some of you have already seem this. I saw it a few weeks ago and meant to post it here. Thoughts? Ideas? My link
  7. Firefighting Fee

    My problem is that fires can be very dangerous. I think a life is worth more than $75, so if I were a firefighter all I would be thinking about is a child getting trapped inside. There are a lot of counties that have a fee, but if you don't pay the small fee, they still respond and then give you a large bill. I don't see a problem with that, but not responding to a life threatening situation, even after the person has stated they will pay, seems a little extreme.
  8. Loving this Fall weather <3

  9. What's your Zodiac?

    Because of a shift of the Earth over time, the original astronomical signs have shifted as well. You may not be the sign you thought you were. The article is below: Your Astrological Sign May Not Be What You Think It Is, By Pedro Braganca
  10. Really needs to get more done....

  11. I'm done!!!!!!

    I turned in my very last law school assignment today. It is officially over. I can have my life back....for a few weeks until I start studying for the bar. Yea!!!
  12. Stupidity vs Ignorance

    No, you would not be stupid to the formally trained welders, but you might be ignorant of some concepts that they have learned, because that is the proper way to use the words. Now if you are incapable of ever learning those concepts, either on your own or in training, then they would probably think you are stupid. Ok, examples then: My in-law was most definitely stupid. It was not about any kind of learning style. She just had mental capacity issues. She had the emotional mental capacity of a 15 year old(as diagnosed by a doctor) and could not grasp simple concepts. Watching a movie with her was like watching a movie with me 7 year old, and she asked the same kind of questions. The kind of sublties most alduts could grasp easily. She had wealthy parents and went to a good school, but could not tell you what half of 14 was or who our first president was...inability to learn. She was kind of annoying, but I had a lot of patience with her, because I know it was not her fault. I have met many people over the years who were different levels of stupid. Saying there are no stupid people and it is just 'learning style', is like saying there are no fat people it is just 'body type'. It's true for some, but not for all. I get annoyed with ignorance, especially willing ignorance, and it has nothing to do with agree with me. If you have a well thought out view, then good for you; I really don't care if you agree with me or not. The best example of this is politics. There are so many people who go to the polls and vote for a party because their parents did and everyone they know does. They are completely ignorant of what either party actually represents, and when talking to them they describe their values and beliefs to you about politics and the views are actually in line with the opposite party from the one they voted for. I tend to be more conservative, but I have a lot of friends who are liberals and know the issues inside out. I don't share their views, but I respect them. I have also met some conservatives who were not conservative at all, but they voted that way because they always had and their parents always had. This is the kind of stuff I get annoyed with much more than my in-law.
  13. Hallmark is RACIST!!!

    I listened to it three times and I still don't hear the "r" they claim is in there. I've never seen a group of individuals try harder to look like idiots....or try harder to damage race relations for that matter.
  14. Stupidity vs Ignorance

    You're right Builder. The first question was too vague... It pretty much boils down to this: Does a person who can't learn or is slow to learn based on mental capacity(stupid)annoy you more? or Does a person who is uneducated, unaware or uninformed, either through circumstances or choice(ignorance) annoy you more? I didn't come up with the definitions. They have been part of the English language since long before I was born. Even the original quote listed is based on the fact that you can't really change stupid. There is a big difference with refusing to learn because you are stubborn and having a hard time learning because you are stupid. Society uses a lot of terms to refer to people they don't actually apply to. If I call my husband retarded for instance, that does not mean that the actual meaning of the term should apply to someone making a poor decision (hypothetical not based on actual fact). A lot of people use the term stupid to refer to others in a sarcastic and derogatory way, but that doesn't mean the actual definition encompasses them. Some people get more easily frustrated with people who can have things explained over and over and still don't get it. (stupid) and Some people can be more easily frustrated by the person who has the ability to understand, but does not listen or take the time to try. (ignorance) That is where the question lies. When talking to/debating with/explaining to someone, which type frustrates you more: The person who can't understand, or the person who won’t?
  15. Stupidity vs Ignorance

    Stupid means you try to learn and you just can't. Everything else you are attaching to the term stupid such as "choose to be that way", "stubborn", and "hardheaded" are the terms that refer to the people who are ignorant(i.e. - have the capacity to learn but don't). Some people are ignnorant because they haven't been exposed to much, but the majority choose to remain that way. No one can choose to be stupid(referring to mental capacity/capability), you just are or you aren't. Which is why I say, at least they have an excuse. However, a smart person can choose to act stupid which is generally because they choose to remain ignorant.
  16. Stupidity vs Ignorance

    I'm talking about more general knowledge stuff, than specified fields. Obviously, everyone is ignorant of something. It is more the mentality of ignorance that is frustrating. Merc's right. Some people have the capacity to understand, but they close themselves off to it. As for your school example, I would have much more tolerance for a student that was genuinely having a hard time understanding the material, than one who was capable of understanding but chose to goof off or throw their hands up and say screw it. On a less bright line level, that's kind of the same thing.
  17. Talented kid

    I guess my problem is that I don't really watch much entertainment TV, but I listen to the radio a lot. I don't see the antics that turn you guys off. I just hear the music, and I love music. My life is, and has pretty much always been, defined by music. The sound of the song means a lot, but the words are important, too. Gaga just has some really fun, really catchy dance songs.
  18. Clarence Thomas right again

    Like I said, the law approaches the problem from the wrong end. Change the sentencing phase if the sicko's aren't getting enough time. But you can't just pick and choose who serves the sentence that is given, and who will be held indefinately. That isn't right.
  19. Censored Beliefs on the Radio

    I was listening to the radio, when one of the songs I happen to really like came on. Breakeven by The Script. They completely cut the line that says, "Just prayed to a God that I don't believe in," out of the song. That really annoys me. Most of you know I'm a Christian, but I find censoring out that line to be completely retarded. I think the line really adds something to the song. There is obviously a depth of feeling and pain there if he is willing to pray to God even though he does not believe in God. I just think this is absolutely crazy and can see no reason for them to do that. What do you guys think?
  20. I was never this creative (hilarious)

    That's hilarious.
  21. Censored Beliefs on the Radio

    Exactly, but then I guess that would be offensive in a whole different way. lol. Yeah, my kids come home from school singing all sorts of colorful things. Fun fun. I usually just say, please don't sing that in public. Unfortunately, with three of them, usually one of them figures it out and informs the other two. They’re had fights over what the song really says before.
  22. Censored Beliefs on the Radio

    I knew you you would try to say I'm 'censoring you'. Hahahaha. Now you have found two ways to misuse the word. Want to go for a third? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship
  23. Censored Beliefs on the Radio

    Sure.. if they want one.. shouldn't be withheld from them.. totally uncensored.. The topic is censorship.. some people *cough cough* want to censor all women's ability to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.. Just like these lunatics don't want you to hear that line in the song.. Some even wanna disguise it as "providing all the facts" or else.. even when it's obvious the goal is to steer them in a particular direction they still claim otherwise.. Sick sh*t.. I was on topic.. so you f*ck off.. If you can't see the connection because your pea brain needs to compartmentalize it into neat little boxes that will allow you to avoid seeing your hypocrisy in the matter then you have bigger problems then I previously thought.. The censorship thread is right here.. here's a link in case you get lost.. http://justbs.us/top..._0entry106541 I really think you should look up the definition of censor, censorship, and uncensored before you join in. Again, my topic, my thread, I'm pretty sure I remember what it is about, and it isn't about abortion or any laws concerning abortion. I'm not playing your little game. My thread, my game. Discuss media censorship or f-ck off.
  24. Censored Beliefs on the Radio

    So you must also agree it should be uncensored in any way and include all the facts including an ultrasound...good...stay on topic or f-ck off. The topic is about censored media. If your pea-brain has trouble wrapping itself around that concept then you have bigger problems than I previously thought. The abortion thread is in the On Topic BS section. Here, I’ll even provide you the link incase you get lost again: http://justbs.us/topic/28634-women-seeking-abortions-must-view-an-ultrasound/
  25. Bob is a racist

    They didn't have a flag... What a piss=poor excuse for a response that is Tori. They didn't have a flag???? Did they even know about flags? Jeezus lovaduck? Do you have any idea what it means to have a connection to the land your arse was born on? Um, the comedian, Eddie Izzard. Making fun of Europe for invading so many countries.