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  1. Police: Sex offender kept victim, kids in shed

    This foul crime would never have happened, had this piece of sewage been strung up after some of his previous. I cant think of a better argument for the death penalty - it prevents any further serious criminality from the multitude of jerks out there . My criticism of the UK, is that we are not allowed a referendum, on whether to reintroduce the death penalty. My criticism of the US is that you allow these arseholes to keep appealing. If you have absolute proof of guilt AND the offence is sufficiently serious, sentence should not be appealable. Put him in a box. Let him stew and mull over what he has done. Let him understand he will be hung in one month. Then string him up.
  2. circa 1988 sky diving over the Lake District

    From the album Moi

  3. Moi

  4. British Political Correctness Gone Crazy

    People from Scotland are often called Scots. Similarly poles are from Poland, aussies from Australia, Germans from Germany etc. But for some reason Pakistani's here get offended to be called paki's. I think its a muslim thing..
  5. So Sad.....

    Even sadder, thats not the record either. I read of a guy would lay dead in his home for 3 years.
  6. Did you find love or did love find you?

    I've noticed this too. Women like men who can make them laugh. They also prize confidence in men. Looks also are important. The order of importance varies from woman to woman
  7. We need a youtube lyrically free post

    [ame=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ETvFnLg0hXU]YouTube - Native American Meditation-The Northern Lights[/ame]
  8. scary scuba moment

    [ame=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=D_EIGI9qFp4&feature=related]YouTube - Great White Shark Accident[/ame]
  9. We need a youtube lyrically free post

    Das Boot [ame=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mzKRzfhQQYc]YouTube - Das Boot music[/ame]
  10. An American Hero..

    Just look at that tiny moustache. Looks like Adolph.
  11. The BBQ Rules

    That was funny.
  12. Liberals are mentally ill ?

    Liberals clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist
  13. We need a film post

    Sinbad and the Seventh Voyage: [ame=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cdIpf7LrXzU]YouTube - The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad (1958) - Part 1 / 9[/ame]
  14. We need a film post

    Don't you like Sinbad Emmy ?
  15. joke of the day.

    It was quite a few years ago now when we had a spate of Essex Girl Jokes. Essex is a shire in England. Here are a few of the better ones: Q/ What does an Essex girl use for protection ? A/ A bus shelter Q/ Whats the difference between an Essex girl and a walrus? A/ One has a moustache and stinks of fish, and the other is a marine mammal.