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  1. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday...to you!

  3. AP - Bret Michaels has emergency appendectomy in Texas

    Quick! While he's out! Spray him down with Lysol!
  4. had a piss poor day. Grrr!

  5. Is it constitutional?

    “We have constructed a governmental welfare scheme, which has been a machine for producing poor people.” - Milton Friedman
  6. As long as they do it at Palin headlined parties, I should be able to sleep tonight.
  7. AP - Conan O'Brien to make TBS his new late-night home

    Ditto! I've always loved Conan. Any other late night host is just a hack.
  8. AP - Wrong video of health protest spurs N-word feud

    Of course they "heard" the word. Race pimps all over go through great lengths to descry racial epithets in the language of this administration's opposition.
  9. Is it constitutional?

    I have not received a refund on my income tax since 1997. I do not believe in giving the government a loan on money that I earn until they come knocking. Let the little children, welfare queens, and other parasites wait a while before my wealth is redistributed. If my business continues to profit, I might be kicked up to higher tax bracket. If I make $250K this year I will be a criminal.
  10. Is it constitutional?

    Paul Rosenberg is a goon. Getting value traded services for the taxes you pay IS NOT socialism. And all of these services are provided for by the local government. Not the federal. Not even the state in most cases. The local government, no matter how urban or how rural, contains a wealth of efficiency when compared to the ladder upwards to state and then federal. Smaller government entities, i.e. the local, no matter how inefficient cannot compare to the monstrous inefficiency of the federal government. Even Chicago, with all the corruption, is more efficient than the federal government.
  11. Love the Bastiat quote, hugo.

  12. Nanny State

  13. AP - Potential Obama nominees for the Supreme Court

    *Shudder* I don't doubt the prediction at all, IWS. I will be mortified to see the iconic black robes turned into a pantsuit. ------- Side question: You sound like Obama is a lock for a second term? I'm not making accusations or assertions that you're going to vote for Obama, directly or indirectly, however do you think Obama can win in 2012?
  14. The Political Video Repository

  15. The Political Video Repository