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  1. Palin gets people killed

    That's my thoughts too. All these right wingers have the complaints, they have all the rhetoric, but not 1 damn one of them have an alternative solution except to take it out on the middle class. The ideology looks great on paper and makes for a great stance as a talking point on message boards, but when push comes to shove, Republicans themselves can't resist all that evil socialist entitlements, and can't live without them. The breaking point will come sooner or later where somebody is gonna break down and start raising taxes, if they were smart it would be on the wealthy. Don't know if it will be Obama (doubt it), or another Democrat, or even a Republican, but taxes WILL go up. Your probably not gonna see any Republican step up to the plate until we cross that boundary of having to raise taxes. Rest assured after that happens, the Republican will run on a platform about being "OUTRAGED" that taxes went up. Whether that is successful or not, I suppose will depend on what changes have come to the economic conditions right away. I don't expect a viable Republican candidate till 2016. They're gonna get tromped this next election, and ironically, it's gonna all be the tea party's fault for their retarded "EVIL GOVERNMENT, CUT CUT CUT" BS rhetoric that will make the more moderate Republicans vote for the guy who is pro people not pro corporations. . .
  2. I might just get to vote Republican once again after all

    Corporate interests will not allow Ron Paul to be President. I almost wanna place a huge intrade hedge bet in favor of Ron Paul being voted the GOP nomination for 2012. If for any other reason besides the huge payoff, to boost him a bit in the "talk about" category. He would crush Obama easily and steal tons of progressives into voting Republican, not to mention probably all the moderates.. He can still do it... provided he don't start talking crazy sh*t to try and peddle for voters. He doesn't need the extremist side of the conservative movement to win, just the principled side. . .
  3. Conservative Youtubers PWNED

    I particularly like how he takes a shot at the YouTuber "howtheworldworks".
  4. WASHINGTON ? The Minnesota Democrat who's out to get rid of the Pentagon's sponsorships for NASCAR teams says she won't back away from her efforts and, despite GOP resistance, will broaden her fight to repeal tax breaks for track owners, too. Rep. Betty McCollum says her work could save American taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. But Defense Department officials and lawmakers from NASCAR country say the sponsorships help military recruitment, and that the tax breaks could save jobs in the struggling economy. Read more: http://www.mcclatchy...l#ixzz1FIHLgVw2
  5. is the sucks 500 forum dying

    Not as many as there are guest posters. This tells it all. I could post the totals for one year, which is well over 1,000,000 hits, but I switched to a new server and no longer have those stats. . .
  6. Uncle Jay Explains

    IWS hasn't posted any of these in a while, so I'll toss this one in

    http://www.phatpugs.com/ . .
  8. Computer slowing down?

    Check out this SWEET deal I got just a bit ago!! I picked up 20 licenses for under $40 I plan on upgrading my daughters Acer Mini Netbook with one of the licenses. It came with Windows 7 starter edition, I plan on upgrading her memory to 4 gigs & OS to Windows 7 Ultimate, the rest I will use for friends PC's that I fix. . .

    Yes, it's legal. Now that K2 has been made illegal on the Fed level, there are merchants out there offering something else. The debate here is.... should products made for the exclusive reason of getting you high, be legislated. Do we need "BIG GOVERNMENT" sticking their nose in and telling people they can't sell their product because it's potentially lethal? There is a bit of hypocrisy here when you throw alcohol or tobacco in the mix. K2 was taken off the free market for just this reason, so that begs the question... what about all the ones that come along in the future... there is always gonna be someone selling a way to get high legally. . .
  10. Computer slowing down?

    Hey snafu, if your into fixing your friend's computers and you want to get them Windows 7, do like I do and buy by the volume: http://www.aliexpres...holesalers.html I'll usually buy a minimum of 10, so that's only $20 for windows 7 ultimate! It takes forever for them to get here from China sometimes, but it's worth the wait in savings. . .
  11. Progressive Paradise?

    How TJ DOESN'T answer a question: Phreak: So TJ, What About the poor? TJ: Everyone is always looking for a hand out, off topic this, off topic that, no answer on how the poor will get cared for, just a complaint. Phreak: So let me rephrase that TJ. What would YOU do to get the poor the NEEDED medical care coverage to stay healthy? Keep complaining? I'm sure that will be your next response. . .

    It wasn't a slanted question, it was just a question. Jesus fucking Christ, can you FOR ONCE respond to a fucking topic and not spin it into a poltical name calling fest of labels? It was a very simple question at that. Would you legislate this persons right to sell his product? Where is that slanted? You either DO or DO NOT approve of people getting high PERIOD. An equal number if not MORE conservatives abuse substances just as much as any fucking liberal. Yes TJ, there are TONS of right wing stoners about, so where is this question even remotely slanted to a more "PROGRESSIVE" way? It's a frikken ethical question, and SURELY ethics crosses party lines and beliefs more often then not. AND WHAT THE f*** DOES THIS TOPIC HAVE TO DO DIRECTLY WITH OBAMA? NOT A DAMN THING. . .
  13. Rush can't defend Reagan

    I agree 100% +1 for hugo.

    Wow, EVERYTHING has to be about PROGRESSIVES doesn't it? You need some serious therapy... perhaps you should smoke some of what this guy is selling. :woot: . .
  15. Obama still does not get it

    And where do these communities get the funding TJ? A magic money tree... or perhaps... TAXES? Yeah, so? Now your talking sh*t... as usual. THE POINT is just to be educated PERIOD. See the response in my previous post Wow, I have only said I am a Deist for over 20 years now, where the hell have you been? Your the guy trying to claim religious schools are IT, and that public schools are government ran progressive schools. My question still stands... WHO FUNDS THE COMMUNITIES? But of course, nothing SPECIFIC about education What is there to GET? Your a fucking collectivist who can't think for himself. I ask you how YOU PERSONALLY feel, you show me a fucking yourtube video. Wow, and TIME AND TIME AGAIN I ask for you to show me those posts and you haven't once linked to a single one. Nope, just a reality check Ah yes, it's the unions fault.. your very cliche' at times, you know that. See, cliche'... IT'S ALL THE GOVERNMENTS FAULT!! Where did you get this data from? I'd like to read it. NEVER Yeah, they're so sick of it they elected some tea baggers to go to Washington and claim they are gonna cut $100 billion and end up only cutting 32 on top og the $400 billion they RAISED the debt by giving tax cuts to the wealthy.. yeah... fiscally responsible and not taking it anymore... sure they are.. Actually, what I see is Republican socialism taking from one group (the poor) and giving to another group (the wealthy). CUT CUT CUT Socialists!!. .
  16. Obama still does not get it

    Sure you COULD have some that are well educated in a home schooled environment, but would that work for the masses? I know of one particular case where a lady living out in the traler courts in the area home schooled her own kids... probably because she was too damn lazy to get her ass up and take them to school... needless to say, her kids are all dumb as sticks. Now, through no fault of their own, her kids have no real talents or skills to utilize in the world, will never be able to achieve anything reasonable and will be doomed to live a life of cheap labor jobs. What TJ is saying here is... educate your own.. that would only work if the would be educator had half a brain themselves. And in a REAL WORLD environment, that is just simply not a plausible reality. You'll only end up making an even dumber society then what we already have. Take the lady in the trailer court scenario and apply it to the ghettos, and the poor and what do you get? Are you gonna try and convince me America would be better off? Put down the damn crack pipe. . .
  17. Obama still does not get it

    See this might come to a surprise to you TJ, but once you leave Ayn Rand (social security collecting hypocrite) land, and get past the Friedman propaganda and into the real world, your going to find your utopia will not work BECAUSE of Christians, BECAUSE there are Christians who CHOOSE to educate their child in public schools. And I really didn't want to have to break the news to you, but I'm pretty dang sure alot of these Christian parents, are NOT liberals. So while your utopia might sound good in theory, it would NEVER work and would never be implemented... but feel free to keep dreaming. I know your compelled to blame anything and everything on "liberals" and "progressives" but get a clue man, the REAL WORLD awaits, and in it, we are all people, political parties not needed. . .
  18. Progressive Paradise?

    I always loved that Progressive twist on words, how exactly is it a "public option" if it is the Government running it? Obviously that would be a "Government option" not a public one. Community chest, who says the government needs to run it? YOU DO What about the poor? What is this hate you have against churches? Yes, there are churches run by religious people, I am wondering though, can you name a hospital built and run by Atheists? http://www.atheists....eists_Hospitals . .
  19. Progressive Paradise?

    How about NO INSURANCE COMPANIES and just have hospitals bill you outright? You don't need the insurance company for anything if your pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, right? . .
  20. Obama still does not get it

    Dodge? Me? Unlike yourself I dodge nothing, I answered the question but you can't handle the answer so you are now busy trying to remake the question to save face. Where did you answer anything, you just bitched and complained as usual. And my answer is still the same... BIG FUCKING WHOOP. Just try and getting into a good college with home schooling... yeah, you make sense. I am NOT an Athiest. And where did you come up with THAT bullshit analogy? I guess anybody in public school is an atheist, and anybody in a parochial school must be a conservative, right? Good Progressives never take off their blinders right Phreak? No, I just don't want to watch a bunch of bullshit that has NOTHING to do with this topic. I find it quite boring as hell watching a Donahue re-run. i was WILLING TO WATCH WHICHEVER OF THE 5 CLIPS PERTAINED TO EDUCATION, you never pointed out which one that would be... could it be because NONE OF THEM DO? Actually, in recent studies, it's quite the opposite LOOK IT UP IF YOU DARE!! I believe IWS even posted a topic about it... ignore it if it's convenient.. .
  21. Progressive Paradise?

    You mean a public option? So how does that work not having insurance companies at all? And of course, no evil government sticking it's nose in everyone's business. The churches again? . .
  22. Obama still does not get it

    You noticed he totally dodged the question of "HOW WILL THE MASSES GET EDUCATED" I ask how that all works in his perfect world, and he starts off ranting about the evil progressive world. Totally avoiding what I ask him... but of course we are the ones who "CAN'T SEE" I guess his answer must be RELIGION will teach the children, he was ranting off about schools next to churches or some sh*t. Hey what about people who would rather educate their children without a fucking bible thumper feeding their kids a bunch of bullshit? They must PAY for having no religion? They have to provide in their own way? What way would that be? Elaborate more on this TJ world. I ain't gonna watch that Friedman bullshit unless you can point out which boring video out of all 5, he talks about how we educate the masses in a free market, government out of the way, system. . .