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  1. Maddy McCann

    I've been following this story since it happened. Little Maddy McCann was taken from an apt suite at a resort in Portugal while her parents went out to dinner. Now the fingers are being pointed at them, even though there are eye witnesses who say they saw a man carrying the little girl in a blanket. Do you feel this investigation is being handled correctly?
  2. Maddy McCann

    I am glad to hear that. There is still hope here.
  3. What?

    I can't remember what Steve was actually charged with. I don't remember the whole attack, as I was coming in and out of consciousness; but I guess I blocked alot out, or simply just can't remember. My situation was totally different than yours. Your ex actually went back to that guy? It always seems the neglectful parents get away with everything, but trust me, someday they have to face god. Do you have any other family members who could call cps? Whatever you do in the future, do not let her involve you with her problems. If your daughter is in danger, get it on video, pictures, whatever you can. Document everything. I understand what 10 years of constant torment can do to a person, I do. I'm sorry these people drove you to the brink. I hope you are rebuilding your life and continue to do so with good people in it.
  4. What?

    JHONY5. Wow, I'm conflicted here. I am a victim of a terrible assault that left me unconscious for hours, a concussion for quite some time, eye damage - not too bad, after 1-1/2 year visits with specialist able to not have to wear the pirate eye patch. I didn't deserve mine however; I simply went out with a girlfriend of mine for a couple of hours after work; and my boyfriend at the time didn't approve. Turns out he had MedulaBlastoma, and he died of brain cancer. I will say however, the best thing for all parties involved would have been to call the police. He won, you went to jail, your daughter didn't have you; and I'll bet he still reported your ex-wife. Life with bad people is always a chess game, you must think several moves ahead to protect yourself from these assholes. I am surprised you got so much time though, my old bf who beat me nearly to death only got 6 months, and required mental health evaluations. I didn't provoke the beating either. Your ex-wife put your daughter and you in a bad position, I hope she really learned from this, and won't repeat it again, sadly I don't trust her though. There are other agencies who could have helped CPS for example. So she was commiting welfare fraud, shacking up with an abuser, and you ended up paying for it. I'm sorry you had to pay for her mistakes. The only time a head stomping is justified imo is if some perp hurts your child physically, or takes them from you - then imo eye for an eye and NO MERCY!!!!! and anyone who knows me, knows I would come back from the grave if I had to, to avenge my chilld. Too bad you didn't get the Casey Anthony jurors
  5. Maddy McCann

    I missed posting for her birthday this year, because I couldn't log in. I said my prayers for Maddie and her family. May the perp get his karmic deserve straight away!
  6. I have a joke!

    Wow, not one nasty reply - where is everyone?
  7. I have a joke!

    Although, that would be a joke Sixes would tell Miss you Jason!
  8. We need a lyrics post...

    Please Come to Boston - Dave Loggins Please come to Boston for the springtime I'm stayin' here with some friends and they've got lots of room You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk By a caf? here I hope to be workin' soon Please come to Boston She said "No, would you come home to me" And she said, "Hey ramblin' boy now won't cha settle down Boston ain't your kinda town There ain't no gold and there ain't nobody like me I'm the number one fan of the man from Tennessee" Please come to Denver with the snowfall We'll move up into the mountains so far that we can't be found And throw "I love you" echoes down the canyon And then lie awake at night till they come back around Please come to Denver She said "no, Boy, would you come home to me" And she said, "Hey ramblin' boy why don't cha settle down Denver ain't your kinda town There ain't no gold and there ain't nobody like me 'Cause I'm the number one fan of the man from Tennessee" Now this drifter's world goes 'round and 'round And I doubt that it's ever gonna stop But of all the dreams I've lost or found And all that I ain't got I still need to lean to Somebody I can sing to Please come to LA to live forever California life alone is just too hard to build I live in a house that looks out over the ocean And there's some stars that fell from the sky Livin' up on the hill Please come to LA She just said "no, boy, won't you come home to me" And she said, "hey ramblin' boy why don't cha settle down LA can't be your kinda town There ain't no gold and there ain't nobody like me No, no, I'm the number one fan of the man from Tennessee" "I'm the number one fan of the man from Tennessee"
  9. I have a joke!

    Sixes is dead you jackass!
  10. Neither. The defense was all over the place, and a couple of their theories debunked yet the jury still found her not guilty. Unbelievable. Besides the forensics, which I believed to be more than sufficient; the very fact that Casey was out partying (when her daughter supposedly drowned) doesn't add up! I can't even believe 2 of the jurors work for Verizon (OMFG) you have to have a decent iq to get a job there, what happened??????????
  11. Goodbye to Jason Jones

    I recd horrible news today that Jason Jones of Portland, OR; our beloved Sixes, Guitargis, Trademark passed away in Dec 2009 due to a head-on collision. He was also the owner operator of the site Driven Madness. My heart is broken and he will be missed. Please pay your respects in this post. Atlantic
  12. The whole accusation was ridiculous. Did people really think this country wouldn't have seen a birth certificate before President Obama was sworn in. I have to say, things like this and the presidents college records are a waste of time. I'm really sick of hearing about it. Somebody fix the god-damn gas prices and create some f***ing jobs please.
  13. A birthday boy!!!!

    Happy Birthday RaE - hope you had a good one :woot:
  14. Big surprise there. If we ignore it, maybe noone else will notice. down:
  15. Progressive Paradise?

    Welfare recipients should be drug tested to receive benefits. Most people I have ever known who received food stamps did not need them. They were drug addicts, or simply screwing the system because they wanted to keep their brand new minivans (registered under a relatives name of course). There are some families that do need it. Those ones usually go without. The ones who receive and lie about other incomes, etc are thieves as far as I'm concerned. Don't even get me started on unemployment benefits lasting over 2-1/2 years, seriously! I have a neighbor Drunk Dave, who has been collecting unemployment at a huge rate for over 2-1/2 years. He hasn't looked for a job, he has however, made it to the bar everyday and got himself a dui on our tax dollars. WTF. Someone here mentioned California as a state to watch for our future. Right on there. I've never seen so much overpopulation in my life, I hate the West Coast. They give everything to illegals then wonder why their money has run out? Brilliant! For the life of me, I cannot understand the out-of-control spending. The only answer I can come up with is: Maybe some in Washington aren't worried about preparing for tommorrow because they know there will be no tommorrow soon enough!
  16. Happy Birthday, Cloaked

    Happy Birthday Cloaked, go have some fun :thumbsup:
  17. Happy Birthday Wez

    Happy Birtday Wez. Don't drink too much, and don't drink and drive :whistling:
  18. Happy Birthday IWS

    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year as well IWS :woot: I know I'm early and your's is Jan 2nd, just not going to be around tommorow.
  19. Happy Birthday Eddo

    Happy Birthday Eddo! If I were still in AZ I'd send you some NYPD pizzas, cause Barros sucks
  20. Speak up or avoid & destroy

    Long story short. I have a neighbor whose son is in my son's class (only for recess and lunch - he's way behind and trust me it's because of his abusive home). I always try to include this child in any activities even though his mother does whatever she can to not let this kid outside or have anything. So I invite him to my son's birthday party at a really fun kid's gym place. She never responded, so the other day I asked her is your son coming. Her reply, "ya, but I'm not bringing a gift". To make matters worse, my son's friends in class hate this kid (he's mean to them) yet I invited him anyways so he wouldn't be left out. Then the bitch pinned my son down last week and put snow in his face and neck because he threw a snowball at her accidentally. He meant to hit a tree next to her, hit her foot. Yet her son hits me all the time - wtf. I spoke with her about it, and she basically says she doesn't care if she manhandles other peoples kids. She also brags that she has always beat her kids. Ok, now I know you all are thinking wow, Atlantic didn't kill her. Trust me, paybacks a coming. I don't leave evidence , and when I'm finished with her she will be wondering where the good ole days went. Now, however I am left with the birthday party. I am tempted to tell her I don't agree with your opinions, views, and if you touch my child again I'll call the police, and please do not show up at the party either. Problem is we have to see each other everyday. How would you guys handle this?
  21. Speak up or avoid & destroy

    I agree OldSalt. It is sad really. I just hope it's angry talk. Not that I'm worried about her - I pray for karma to get her right away. I just hate the thought of this poor kid feeling this way, and the fear of what he might do eventually.
  22. Speak up or avoid & destroy

    That's if she makes it. Her son told my son last week that he plans on killing her while she's sleeping with a bat. Seems like an extreme thing to say. I don't even want to tell her for fear of what she'll do to him. What would you guys do? It's probably angry talk right? I'm keeping mum on this.
  23. SOLD!!!!!!

    Congrats. Who's the guy. Is it the one from Cali? His name better not be Rhonda :woot:
  24. rome to venice train