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  1. Goodbye to Jason Jones

    Well, I did ask Erica very politely if she could direct us to an obit/news report and explained how people are bound to be suspicious given past events.......as a response; she deleted me from her friends list and from Jason's friends list. Once upon a time I would have been bothered........
  2. Goodbye to Jason Jones

    Well....something odd is going on as he left his son a message here on 21st January this year: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000124126740&v=wall
  3. Goodbye to Jason Jones

    Well, I hope it's not true....never good to lose anyone.
  4. Turbaconducken!!

    REALLY don't fancy this at all!
  5. Turkey Day is almost here

    Not doing anything over here, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving....*sigh*
  6. Thank you, nice to have a little time on my hands again to go to the places I want to. Life's been SO darn busy.

  7. Hey you, long time no see, life's been a tad busy. HUGE apologies for The Jungle stuff that got dragged over here. Hope life is good.

  8. Fullauto explains ALL ! !

    Why am I having the most horrible year of my life with Karma dumping on my head at every opportunity? What the heck did I do in a previous life to deserve this garbage and....most importantly...did I enjoy it?
  9. Hey eddo...

    I thought there was a rule here that TJ **** wasn't to get dragged over here...and if it did people would get banned? Didn't that happen last time people came over here to moan about the place?
  10. nasty computer games

    People who live in a society that is willing to accept greater and greater violence etc as the years go by. Remember the film 'Alien'? When it was first screened, people ran from the movie theaters screaming in terror.....these days it is regarded as barely scarey.
  11. Bugs you find

    Colour theory in 1024 x 768: There you go, you can see the scroll bar along the bottom.
  12. Bugs you find

    It's only the front page that does it, once I start reading threads it's OK.
  13. Bugs you find

    Ummm...nope, still broken. I'm viewing at 1024 x 768
  14. Bugs you find

    OK, who broke the front page, it's scrolling sideways.......
  15. Hey fecky.. :) Love the colors..