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  1. SOLD!!!!!!

    Yes, from Cali. Dennis, which does NOT rhyme with "penis"....eddo! I could never forget you......ummm....ummm....."New Pepper", was it? Thanks! Our open house is coming up this weekend. I hope we get a strong offer right away. Thanks, eddo! I will give you a forwarding address so you can check out my new bedroom windows.....from the outside, of course.
  2. Happy Birthday, Cloaked

    I wish your name was Emma...... ....come on! A Tom Selleck cake????? Coolness! The only thing better would be a David Hasselhoff, Erik Estrada or a Chuck Norris cake (which I've already given to Eddo)! Happy be-lated birthday, Cloaked. All my best.
  3. SOLD!!!!!!

    We closed Friday. Now I've stashed my millions and billions of dollars in a Swiss bank account where even the likes of hugo can't get his grubby hands on it! And my treat? A day at the spa and a new Dyson.
  4. SOLD!!!!!!

    After almost a year of ups, downs and general mayhem....I finally sold my business! We signed the closing papers last Friday. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to finally be done. All this time I thought that I would be selling it to a couple from Colorado, but we just couldn't seem to make any progress on the purchase agreement. I told them that I was sticking to my deadline on the agreement, and if we didn't have something signed and turned in to the title company to complete the paperwork that I was moving on to another buyer. The deadline passed without incident, so the very next morning I talked to the other buyer and had a purchase agreement signed and a check for the earnest money by 9am. The cool thing is the new owner is jumping right in and that means less involvement for me. She wants me to help train her manager the weekend before her grand opening on some of the equipment, but other than that I am out of the picture. Sweet relief! Now we have a house lined up that we want to buy (it's my brother's rental property that he wants to unload) and we see a lot of potential there to fix it up and make it work great for us. We've been doing some renovations on my house to get it ready for market, which should be within the next week or so. Busy times. I hope you all are well...seems pretty quiet around here!
  5. Happy Birthday

    Awwww, thanks guys! It was a good birthday. My boyfriend let me drag him around the furniture stores ALL day and then took me out to my favorite restaurant, so I enjoyed myself immensely. And he's a carpenter, not a lumberjack, so any foul play would probably involve a hammer or a circular saw vs. an axe. I'm STILL in negotiations trying to get my business sold. We are down to the wire at this point. I extended a purchase offer to an interested party in CO, they were approved for the loan, the appraisal came out favorably, the titlework is ready to be transferred and I thought all was right with the world.....until they hired a big shot city lawyer to write them up their own 6 page purchase agreement with a bunch of contingencies that I'm not comfortable with. Now I have to counter all this crap, and if they don't accept the offer the way I want it, then I am moving on to the next buyer who is chomping at the bit and ready to sit down with me face to face, work through the purchase agreement together, sign the damn thing and CLOSE! They never should have hired that guy. The contract assumes that they will just grandfather into all of my licenses, which is not how it works in ND. They have to apply for all of that stuff on their own, get it in their names, and be inspected by the state health department before they can open. Gee, it seems as the current owner I know more about how a restaurant in small town ND operates better than their lawyer. I told them all of this last fall, but I guess it fell on deaf ears. WWHandBD? I miss the no-nonsense advise of team Hugo and BCAR....lol. So that, home renovations, and getting a new business geared up for when this deal finally closes has been keeping me extremely busy....and stressed beyond belief.
  6. We Mourn His Loss

    Hahaha! Great thread, IWS. LMFAO!!!!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Eddo

    Happy really, really, REALLY be-lated birthday! (Man, I need to check in more often)
  8. Happy Birthday IWS

    Happy be-lated birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday Wez

    Happy be-lated birthday!
  10. Vaginal Products

    Irresponsible vaginas.....heh heh. Good times. :yes:
  11. Stress-orama!!!!

  12. New study released, FOX news makes you stupid

    My boyfriend is a FOX News watcher. I'll have to ask him tonight if he feels any dumber. :teehee:
  13. 2000 Human fetuses found....

    Or donate them for stem cell research. I mean, if it's going to happen anyway.....why not?
  14. Would you buy your young daughter one?
  15. Inflicting needless pain, suffering or fear on the innocent is about as evil as it gets. No living being should be tormented, and no family should have to grieve the loss of a child. God bless all who have been affected by such a tragedy.