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  1. Wikileaks...is it espionage?

    I haven't really been following the whole thing, but the few things I did pick up on makes me think: "Oh noes!! Someone published a middle school slam book on the net!"
  2. You'll be arrested for trying to smuggle grapes!
  3. I think I'll just travel wearing hijabs from now on.
  4. Do really fat people bother you to look at?

    I'm in total agreement with this.
  5. Do really fat people bother you to look at?

    I've only had the issue with a few people... most people are like you- a little envious that I can eat whatever I want and not worry about fitting into my clothes afterwards. I'd kill for a few more pounds (like 15 or so...), not because I hate my body, think it's disgusting or anything like that (although, I don't necessarily enjoy counting my ribs or think they are attractive..) but because I'd like to buy just one pair of jeans that don't require a belt to keep them up! And don't be jealous of the control! I think I've explained that there isn't any on my part... just blessed with some good fat burning genes.
  6. Do really fat people bother you to look at?

    What if you weigh 150, eat a cookie, don't have an eating disorder, but have diabetes?
  7. holy cow!! who messed up my showroom? Oh... that was me!

  8. Do really fat people bother you to look at?

    You're adorable and thin. If you were fat you would get disdain. Because you are thin you have a healthy appetite lol. If you were fat you would be disgusting and irresponsible. Chocolate should be a food group lol. Got that right! although... don't think I'm totally free from disdain, though. The angry, bitter chubbies tend to take issues with the twig that eats like a pig. If I had a normal metabolism, I'd probably hate someone like me, too... because I'd weigh 300 lbs!
  9. Do really fat people bother you to look at?

    Tub? LOLOLOLOLOL Tub implies that it's one of those little deli containers... which it's not. It's usually a full 2 qt casserole! I don't claim to be responsible when it comes to food. I *look* healthy and fit, and for the most part, I am... but I make HORRIBLE food choices every day. Chocolate is a food group, right?
  10. Do really fat people bother you to look at?

    There's also the assumption that just because the buffet is "all you can eat" that everyone who walks through the door will eat all they can. It is possible that they will control their portions better than the supposed "healthy weight" person. (though not probable... and not because of the obese factor, but because of the value factor- even skinny bitches like me tend to overeat when it's a free for all, but I hate that overstuffed feeling, so I avoid making myself feel that way... most of the time )
  11. Nope, no racism in the Tea party

    I don't like Fox news for one reason only: their ticker runs so slow, it makes me think that it's designed for the slow minded of the world.
  12. having your feet rubbed by a man that can't speak english is a great way to spend an afternoon!

  13. The negative rep game

    Takes one to know one.
  14. The negative rep game

    Yeah, as a matter of fact, I did pretty much ignore everything you said. It's kind of a habit with me. I tend to skim your replies because you rarely have anything new to say, so there's no point in wasting my time actually reading each word. You can call me whatever names you want. You can lump me into a group with a name that's supposed to offend me. You can think what you want about me. You and your "friends" can discuss my power-tripping and "snooping", my lack of character, my control freak tendencies and whatever else you want. Have fun with it! What YOU think doesn't effect me. I know who I am and I know who I'm not.... I don't need you or anyone else to validate my existence. Ya know TJ... in my several years as an admin at the other site, there's only been 2 people to complain to me about how I do my job there. You are one of them. Care to guess who the other one is?
  15. The negative rep game

    You're right that I don't see you doing that. Ya know why? I couldn't give a flying pig's fart about your rep score, my rep score, or anyone else's rep score. I didn't even realize it was part of the board until you started whining about it. Is this a frikkin popularity contest or a debate board? Does your sense of self-esteem rise when people click the green button for you and plummet when the red one gets clicked? Is it causing you to consider suicide? If so... get some help, man. It's not a big deal and means nothing in the grand scheme of your wonderful, full spectrum life. If this has no bearing on your "real" life... get the fukk over it and move along. All you are succeeding in doing is making it look like you've run out of tampons... again. I, for one, don't need your assistance in "seeing people for who they are." I'm quite certain that no one else here needs OR appreciates your efforts to help us to see the light, either. Besides that... why do you care what a bunch of LOSERS think of you, anyway?