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  1. Where have you been? Is everything ok?

  2. 2000 Human fetuses found....

    I think I heard that too....
  3. Mexican resort explodes...

    My link Dammit...Play Del Carmen...off the list for Christmas Holidays!
  4. 2000 Human fetuses found....

    My link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I looked up some stuff on Buddhism..because it was my understanding that any loss of life wasn't accepted in this religion. It isn't quite the case. I actually agree more with the Buddhist view..but I was particularly interested with their view on morality and some of the consequences of strict moral clarification. It makes sense to me...even though the above article was sad and tragic too. Anyways..interesting read. Check it out.
  5. 2000 Human fetuses found....

    This is so politically incorrect too...but it looks like a parking lot full of frozen turkeys.
  6. 2000 Human fetuses found....

    My link ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a Buddhist temple? Sad story...but kinda shows that even making it illegal isn't stopping anything. The Buddhism angle is confusing to me though.
  7. Firefighting Fee

    Well...some of it may be kinda harsh...but "rubber girlfriend"....the implication was she's fake...which is kinda true...but only partially. Silicone/rubber it's really just "semantics". He did admit his ex wife belts the kiddies regularly (legal of course)...and she did in fact leave TJ, AND he does only parent part-time so maybe the language was too colorful...but yeah "semantics"...it all means the same thing...doesn't it? Think I'll go eat me some "cheesy poofs" now and play some video games.
  8. Firefighting Fee

    The only thing you offer TJ is a master class on failed marriage, part-time parenting, lame sexual maneuvers, intellectual mediocrity and narcissism. I have no doubt that the thing that bothers you most is that no one....especially the young want to learn ANYTHING from you. You should be proud though...you are a model of everything a person should never strive to be. So thank you for that. BTW...I agreed with you waaaay back when in this thread. I only commented when you seemed to take such pride in making someone much younger than you " cry like a baby". Seems that is the epitome of bully. I've grown to hate the word "hypocrite"..because it's so overused here....but you are exactly that...a hypocrite. If your kids are awesome...it's not by your contribution, if you have money...my guess is you stole it, if you have property...you no doubt inherited it from the woman that "has never had to work a day in her life because her parents had money". Continue beating up Joker if it makes you feel superior I guess...but no one looks up to you, no one is jealous of your fat, bloated body or your delusions of grandeur. I promise to leave the forum completely open to debate TJ. I won't interrupt this thread again.
  9. Firefighting Fee

    ...ohhhh...it includes some "handling". Nothing is free in life bitch!! Better get used to it. Now git to yer farmin'! I think I sounded very un-progressive right there!! Maybe more communist...perhaps sadist?
  10. Firefighting Fee

    No Eddo...he's an adult living at home because life is too easy and he likes teats, titties, boobies and whatever other word for breast we can find. I'm just guessing...could be wrong. Perhaps TJ could market his own "get out on your own" kit!!! Sandpail--CHECK! Dirt--CHECK! Worms and shitty self-esteem--DOUBLE CHECK! TJ Fortune cookie with the message "If you run out of money and get hungry..eat the worms! DO NOT come home to suck on my man teats!" ...all yours for $19.95 (If you can't afford this..you must submit to a motorboat by TJ)
  11. Firefighting Fee

    All right then. Play on. BTW..I never said I would call you that or that it should be done. I'm just surprised that being in the gutter is where you want to play. I thought your pedestal was much higher? If Joker looks up to Hugo and tries to one up you..isn't that debate? He agrees with Hugo and added his own points as well. Just because he doesn't look up to you or see your side as right...does not mean he's a child. P.S. Don't call me darling...
  12. Firefighting Fee

    We are all guilty of hitting below the belt. The fact of the matter is that Joker has made some good points and so has TJ. Neither position has been proved but TJ...you are resorting to the bully tactics that you claim you are the victim of all the time. The fact that Joker is young doesn't make his points any less valid. The fact you don't agree doesn't allow you to condescendingly call him kid at every turn or attack his homelife. Granted Joker put out plenty of ammo for you to play with...just saying you are considerably older and calling out some young guy for being poor is pretty low. Not saying you are totally to blame..Joker has been shooting his mouth off a bit..but you are aiming to cut deeper. One could use the fact that you admitted to being fat against you at every opportunity..inserting the word "fattie" into every communication..or maybe if we really wanted to attack you at the core we could call you "weekend daddy" in every post. Not saying anyone should..but decide how deep you want to cut. Frankly I think the firefighting thread is dead. Neither of you can agree and it's pretty much a draw..or do we need to declare a winner?
  13. Really Bender?

    *sigh* I guess my new winter scarf did nothing to disguise it!!! A backpack maybe...perhaps a small toddler....I just don't know anymore. Stoopid hump!
  14. 10 year old gives birth in Spain

    Ren is your 11 year old wearing make-up already?
  15. Really Bender?

    Wasn't Mangiaifuoco the puppet master in Pinocchio? I think you may have kinda stepped into that one TJ. In the original stories not the Disney variety, he was intensely ugly and had a mouth so large and agape he stepped on it when he walked lol. Prolly not the best description to choose...if that is who Mangiafuoco is. Maybe you mean someone else?