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  1. SOLD!!!!!!

    Yes, from Cali. Dennis, which does NOT rhyme with "penis"....eddo! it does if you say it right.
  2. Happy Birthday, Cloaked

    the Chuck Norris cake was great... 'til it roundhouse kicked me in the face.... Happy belated birthday Cloaked!!!
  3. SOLD!!!!!!

    that is pretty cool. Congrats!

    I'm torn on issues like this. I agree with Snaf that Government has no right to dictate what I can and cannot put into my body. but... We, as a society, have proven over and over and over that we cannot control ourselves when it comes to "chemicals" like this- and innocent people get hurt. Drunk drivers kill people. Illegal drugs ruin families. We, again, as a society, cannot handle this responsibly , and we have shown it over and over. As far as I am concerned: do what ever you want in your own home. But when your right to 'get high' infringes on my right to life, I start to take some serious issue.
  5. Obama still does not get it

    homeschooled kids tend to be some of the smartest out there, and of the many I have known over the years, none have had any issue getting into whatever college they wanted to attend- including some big name colleges. that is a completely ignorant statement Phreak. nice try though....
  6. The Obama alternative

    That's what bugs me the most about her: When she stepped down from her post in Alaska before her term was over. She lost a lot of my respect then.
  7. Happy Birthday Wez

    Happy Birthday butthead.
  8. So why support liberals?

    like wiping your own ass.
  9. Vaginal Products

    Reeled in one of 'em. wez was here yesterday. that's two...
  10. Palin gets people killed

    Shot man yells death threats at Tea Party activist.
  11. Vaginal Products

    does Oprah have a vagina? does anyone really want to think about it?
  12. Palin gets people killed

    Palin may run, but I don't think she has the support to win anymore. Her getting the Repub nomination would almost assuredly hand the election back to Obama. and pissin' off the Jews ain't gonna help a thing...
  13. Palin gets people killed

    from 2004. Seems Sarah wasn't the first to put targets on the opposing political adversaries. go figure... source and because of all this, I am no longer shopping at target. insensitive bastards....
  14. Happy Birthday IWS

    I missed it, but Happy Birthday anyway!
  15. We Mourn His Loss

    kinda tacky to name the dog 'Splash", don'tcha think? kinda like OJ naming his cat "Slice"...