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    Congrats Mattie :)

    Congrats Mattie :)
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    They're back: Social issues overtake US politics

    OMG! Although I agree with President Obama that birth control should be free, I also believe it needs to be offered through the healthcare system and not the Catholic Religion. It is simple math, it is more cost effective and humane to offer birth control options (and not the morning after pill)...
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    Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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    Hey Charlie, sorry I haven't been around. I hope things are going well for you. Have a Merry...

    Hey Charlie, sorry I haven't been around. I hope things are going well for you. Have a Merry Christmas - Love A
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    Maddy McCann

    I am glad to hear that. There is still hope here.
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    I can't remember what Steve was actually charged with. I don't remember the whole attack, as I was coming in and out of consciousness; but I guess I blocked alot out, or simply just can't remember. My situation was totally different than yours. Your ex actually went back to that guy...
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    JHONY5. Wow, I'm conflicted here. I am a victim of a terrible assault that left me unconscious for hours, a concussion for quite some time, eye damage - not too bad, after 1-1/2 year visits with specialist able to not have to wear the pirate eye patch. I didn't deserve mine however; I simply...
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    Maddy McCann

    I missed posting for her birthday this year, because I couldn't log in. I said my prayers for Maddie and her family. May the perp get his karmic deserve straight away!
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    I have a joke!

    Wow, not one nasty reply - where is everyone?
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    I have a joke!

    Although, that would be a joke Sixes would tell ;) Miss you Jason!
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    We need a lyrics post...

    Please Come to Boston - Dave Loggins Please come to Boston for the springtime I'm stayin' here with some friends and they've got lots of room You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk By a café here I hope to be workin' soon Please come to Boston She said "No, would you come home to me"...
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    I have a joke!

    Sixes is dead you jackass!
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    AP - Anthony trial: Lack of evidence or good defense?

    Neither. The defense was all over the place, and a couple of their theories debunked yet the jury still found her not guilty. Unbelievable. Besides the forensics, which I believed to be more than sufficient; the very fact that Casey was out partying (when her daughter supposedly drowned)...
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    Politics - Analysis: Obama had no choice in 'birther' fight

    The whole accusation was ridiculous. Did people really think this country wouldn't have seen a birth certificate before President Obama was sworn in. I have to say, things like this and the presidents college records are a waste of time. I'm really sick of hearing about it. Somebody fix the...
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    A birthday boy!!!!

    Happy Birthday RaE - hope you had a good one :woot:
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    Politics - White House minimizes S&P decision on US debt

    Big surprise there. If we ignore it, maybe noone else will notice. down:
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    Progressive Paradise?

    Welfare recipients should be drug tested to receive benefits. Most people I have ever known who received food stamps did not need them. They were drug addicts, or simply screwing the system because they wanted to keep their brand new minivans (registered under a relatives name of course)...
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    Go Red Sox !!!!!

    Go Red Sox !!!!!
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    Happy Birthday, Cloaked

    Happy Birthday Cloaked, go have some fun :thumbsup:
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    Speak up or avoid & destroy

    I agree OldSalt. It is sad really. I just hope it's angry talk. :unsure: Not that I'm worried about her - I pray for karma to get her right away. I just hate the thought of this poor kid feeling this way, and the fear of what he might do eventually.