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    This is the Just BS system account used for testing.

    This is the Just BS system account used for testing.
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    Light Style

    A light style has been turned on for those that prefer lighter styles. You can switch to it by using the style chooser on the lower left of the page.
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    At one point there was a forum for free advertising and spam. It was removed because a forum such as that needs daily monitoring to weed out the spam bots that post in it. In the future I might bring it back. For now feel free to sign up and post in the Spam Zone forum.
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    Can't find you in member list.
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    Guest Posting Enabled in This Forum

    This forum is enabled for guests to interact with members. There is no need to register to post in this forum. If you use this forum to post spam your IP will be banned from accessing the site.
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    Grand Re-Opening of Just BS

    Just BS - The Ultimate Off Topic Forums is back! After more then 4 years I am bringing the site back online. I originally shut the site down due to illness. I went through a bad stretch were I needed surgery and a lot of physical therapy to get back on my feet. I can now say I am back and...
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    joke of the day.

    I love it.
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    Lets nuke Canada

    Now that sounds like a plan. Lets also nuke Mexico while were at it.
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    joke of the day.

    Got to love little Johny.
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    Congrats JAW.

    Congrats JAW.
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    Want to complain about big Government?

    What would the World be like today you ask? I've pondered that question many time. I suspect things would be much the same as they are now with the exception we'd be speaking German instead of English.
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    New Members Sign in Here

    Welcome to the community.
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    joke of the day.

    LOL. Yes old age is fun.
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    New Members Sign in Here

    Welcome Rose and Happy Holidays to you also.
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    Intelligent Discussion About A New Form of Communism (Uneducated people dont come. )

    Which parts intrigue you? I can think of no part of communism that would interesting. On paper it might look good, but, we all know how well it worked in Russia don't we?
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    SSN is none sustainable

    He was released a few months ago when the courts found him not to be harmful to himself or others at the recommendation of his doctors. It will not be long and he will be back in.
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    SSN is none sustainable

    Was found to be mentally ill and committed to an institution by the court after his 3rd rape trial. Now he gets a social security check every month for the rest of his life and his mother is trying to get him on welfare too.
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    SSN is none sustainable

    I don't see the fund as elderly care. I see it as a savings account I pay into every working day of my life. I will never see every penny of it, but, I expect to see some of it when I hit the age to receive it. I am not counting on it and never have, but, since I am now near the age of...
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    No Bill of Rights for you!

    If you knew where to look you could see the people that were pushing for it weren't trying to hide it at all.
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    No Bill of Rights for you!

    We've been heading towards a police state for years. Now the people are in place to actually make it happen.