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  1. Ali


    Yes, from Cali. Dennis, which does NOT rhyme with "penis"....eddo! :P I could never forget you......ummm....ummm....."New Pepper", was it? Thanks! Our open house is coming up this weekend. I hope we get a strong offer right away. Thanks, eddo! I will give you a forwarding address so...
  2. Ali

    Happy Birthday, Cloaked

    I wish your name was Emma...... ....come on! A Tom Selleck cake????? Coolness! The only thing better would be a David Hasselhoff, Erik Estrada or a Chuck Norris cake (which I've already given to Eddo)! Happy be-lated birthday, Cloaked. All my best. :)
  3. Ali


    We closed Friday. Now I've stashed my millions and billions of dollars in a Swiss bank account where even the likes of hugo can't get his grubby hands on it! And my treat? A day at the spa and a new Dyson. :)
  4. Ali


    After almost a year of ups, downs and general mayhem....I finally sold my business! We signed the closing papers last Friday. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to finally be done. All this time I thought that I would be selling it to a couple from Colorado, but we just couldn't seem to...
  5. Ali

    Happy Birthday

    Awwww, thanks guys! It was a good birthday. My boyfriend let me drag him around the furniture stores ALL day and then took me out to my favorite restaurant, so I enjoyed myself immensely. And he's a carpenter, not a lumberjack, so any foul play would probably involve a hammer or a circular...
  6. Ali

    We Mourn His Loss

    Hahaha! Great thread, IWS. LMFAO!!!!!!
  7. Ali

    Happy Birthday Eddo

    Happy really, really, REALLY be-lated birthday! :D (Man, I need to check in more often)
  8. Ali

    Happy Birthday IWS

    Happy be-lated birthday! :D
  9. Ali

    Happy Birthday Wez

    Happy be-lated birthday! :D
  10. Ali

    Vaginal Products

    Irresponsible vaginas.....heh heh. Good times. :yes:
  11. Ali


  12. Ali

    New study released, FOX news makes you stupid

    My boyfriend is a FOX News watcher. I'll have to ask him tonight if he feels any dumber. :teehee:
  13. Ali

    2000 Human fetuses found....

    Or donate them for stem cell research. I mean, if it's going to happen anyway.....why not?
  14. Ali

    "Future Hooters Girl" t-shirt

    Would you buy your young daughter one?
  15. Ali

    God Blesses those who take care of his animals and his children

    Inflicting needless pain, suffering or fear on the innocent is about as evil as it gets. No living being should be tormented, and no family should have to grieve the loss of a child. God bless all who have been affected by such a tragedy.
  16. Ali

    Freakin' cold....freakin' snow....freakin' frack.

    Freakin' cold....freakin' snow....freakin' frack.
  17. Ali

    Worst Person in the World

    I hope this monster's kids are still living with their father and not with her, and that the community is still reaching out to bring comfort to little Kathleen and her family.
  18. Ali

    Really Bender?

    Yep. I like it.
  19. Ali

    Really Bender?

    Oh THAT'S what happened, huh? I see Mr. Know-it-all still loves to run his mouth about things he has no first hand knowledge about. Nice. This is's so......
  20. Ali

    Boys and Girls Night Out on the Town

    RaE got married? Good for him! I guess that will put an end to our armpit sex sessions.