Arcade Poll Need Your Input

Does it matter if we lose the arcade for a while?

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    Votes: 1 100.0%
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Iron Fisted Ruler
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I have a problem. The software we use for the site vbulletin has changed the license structure and has increased the price to upgrade to the new version. Not to mention this new version is buggier than hell. Upgrades used to cost $60 a year. Now the upgrade will cost $295. I don't have a problem paying the price if they didn't outright lie to the customers. I will not go into it. Do a search for vbulletin 4 and you should hit on a ton of responses.

So since this all happened I have been slowly converting my vbulletin sites to another product IP.Board. You can see it at one of the sites I converted.

Here is the deal. We will have a better feature set with IP.Board. The gallery and blog will be more tightly integrated and instead of having a gallery and personal albums they will all be in one place. Much less clutter.

The one feature we will lose is the Arcade. There is an arcade being developed so we won't be with out it for long.

So please take the time to vote in the poll and let me know your thoughts.
I don't go into the arcade much anymore... The occasional game of Yahtzee or Battleship. I haven't been able to play 8 Ball for quite a while (not that I could score high enough to be #1).