Forum Software Upgraded


Iron Fisted Ruler
Staff member
I have upgraded to the newest version of IPB. When I started I thought it would be an easy upgrade. When the upgrade scripts started I realized I was a couple versions behind. I knew problems were on the horizon. After upgrade the site seemed to work fine. Then it was time to recache everything to make sure fresh new files were served. This is when all hell broke loose. All styles broke and if you were here at the time you probably got 500 errors all over the place. I have fixed the problems, but, in the process broke all the styles. I have fixed 2 of them. If you really miss one of the styles that are still broke I am sorry.

We had too many styles anyway and I had thought about paring the site down to 2 choices. Since this happened I will go with that plan. In the next few days I will add a lite style to go with the dark style. I will keep Underground and add a lite style to be a choice for people that don't like dark styles. I will leave the dark style as default. I have a few styles in mind for the lite style and will decide on one and have it installed by next weekend.

As always if you find any bugs let me know in the Bugs and Features forum. Sorry if the style you used is one of the broken ones.