Goodbye to Jason Jones

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heh, I just finished sending her a message about this.
[/quote]Thank you Chi!


Big Time BS
I don't know what to think.. I tried to send a message to his page asking if it was true that he died and got no reply.. now I can't even get there.. and Atlantic's comment is deleted and him from her friends list.. Can't see him doing that.. His page did say that his wife was now in charge of it.. and she knows none of us. And I see no comments that would make me say.. yeah.. that's TM.. So.. I dunno.. hope he's okay.
Feckless I saw you on Jason's friends list - could you please ask Erica or Jason if it is true. You could let us know via PM if you have too?
UPDATE: I sent an email to Erica explaining that people here are confused as they think he is still posting and expressed my condolences again. I honestly can't ask her again as that would just be cruel to keep bringing it up. Her reply was this:

Jason is no longer with us. His ashes are by the very computer I am on. I don't know the website you are refering to. Thanks
I said my prayers for Jason today. Jason was a good friend, he would answer the phone at 3:00 in the am if you needed him. He was hysterically funny and I am so sad he passed so young. God bless Jason and Erica


I don't like you.
there sure is a whole lot of her talking to herself as him in pictures posted this year to his facebook page.

If he is gone, then she is nuttier than an elephants turd...

and I thought he was married to lady named Leslie...
I thought her name was Lindsay. Personally, I couldn't keep posting as someone else. For me, it would be one thing to go on and inform everyone and make a few rememberance posts, but it would feel wrong after that. I saw somewhere that she wrote that it helps her because she misses him so much.