Happy Birthday IWS


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Happy Birthday and Happy New Year as well IWS :woot: I know I'm early and your's is Jan 2nd, just not going to be around tommorow.


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Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

I did exactly what I planned to do. Watched football. I told myself I wasn't even going to check emails, facebook or even go on the internet and I mostly succeeded.(had to go to ESPN,.com a couple of times to look at scores)


Administering the BS
Happy Belated Birthday Joe. Didn't really think it was your birthday, thought maybe you just filled in a generic date, then I noticed on Facebook everyone else was wishing you a happy birthday too.

MY BAD. :blink:

But, your like me... when the big B-DAY comes around, do me a favor and just leave me the hell alone, more then likely, I won't be found online, and chances are, my phone will be shut off.

I like my quiet time too.


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Thanks, Phreak.

Yep. I even carried some of it into yesterday and didn't do much online. I found that emails sure pile up if you don't check them a few times a day though.


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Sorry I missed your b-day Joe, I am glad you were able to relax and get away from things, I have moved away from the internet world a lot more myself and find it very nice sometimes.

Getting older is difficult to accept sometimes though, I just had to resort to getting reading glasses, that made me feel older and the new grandson is a blessing but his arrival also makes me feel older, lol.

So late happy birthday wishes, if you can't stay young, at least stay young at heart, take a little advise from Groucho Marx - "A man's only as old as the woman he feels".