Happy Birthday


Eschew obfuscation
Awwww, thanks guys! It was a good birthday. My boyfriend let me drag him around the furniture stores ALL day and then took me out to my favorite restaurant, so I enjoyed myself immensely. And he's a carpenter, not a lumberjack, so any foul play would probably involve a hammer or a circular saw vs. an axe. :blink:

I'm STILL in negotiations trying to get my business sold. We are down to the wire at this point. I extended a purchase offer to an interested party in CO, they were approved for the loan, the appraisal came out favorably, the titlework is ready to be transferred and I thought all was right with the world.....until they hired a big shot city lawyer to write them up their own 6 page purchase agreement with a bunch of contingencies that I'm not comfortable with. Now I have to counter all this crap, and if they don't accept the offer the way I want it, then I am moving on to the next buyer who is chomping at the bit and ready to sit down with me face to face, work through the purchase agreement together, sign the damn thing and CLOSE!

They never should have hired that guy. The contract assumes that they will just grandfather into all of my licenses, which is not how it works in ND. They have to apply for all of that stuff on their own, get it in their names, and be inspected by the state health department before they can open. Gee, it seems as the current owner I know more about how a restaurant in small town ND operates better than their lawyer. I told them all of this last fall, but I guess it fell on deaf ears.

WWHandBD? I miss the no-nonsense advise of team Hugo and BCAR....lol.

So that, home renovations, and getting a new business geared up for when this deal finally closes has been keeping me extremely busy....and stressed beyond belief. :)