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I added this forum so our expert staff can help if you have any tech problems. If you don't then we'll use this forum to bullshit about the latest and greatest or brag about the power we have at our fingertips.

We can also use this to argue about the interwebs and the value of it or talk about the evils of technology.
Hi Cloaked, it seems that this forum is not visited frequently...I came across it by chance.
I am 49 years old. At school I learned nothing about computers. Calculators (Texas Instruments) were the hit...and very expensive, too. Nowadays you get calculators for free and don' t know everything they are capable of...

This post is written on my iPhone...30 years ago we loughed about Capt. Kirk when he was calling the "Enterprise" with his mobile...


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Just a tip for those of you that acquired a Playstation 3 over the Christmas season, and recieved the "Move" with it:

If you can't get the Move controllers to connect to the PS3, just connect them via the charge cable for a few moments, and you'll be good to go.