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Post a reply to this thread to introduce yourself to the community.

For those that are unfamiliar with me I am the ex-owner of What Pisses You Off? otherwise known as WPYO.


Big Time BS'er
Hello. Most of you know me be but seeings how this is a new board I will introduce my self anyway.

My handle is snafu.. Situation Normal All Fucked UP, which sums up my life. I also use Peanuts at TJ. Why? Becuse my real handle is Charlie Brown. I am the original Charlie Brown. He stole my name!

Anyway, see you all around the board



Big Time BS'er
TheWife said:
Just wanted to say Hello

Most all will not know me, but one does..........:D

I wonder how long it will take to figure it out..........:rolleyes:

Not long since he put it in the shout box, but then again, some of them can be pretty thick at times.