No Bill of Rights for you!


Progressive Killer
Well Joker, it was fun beating you up a little but you are dodging most of the questions at this point so no real point in wasting more time on you.

You living at home and not being capable of taking care of yourself in life is actually a relevant question, you claim to have all this understanding of Terrorists and trust their word but that is from the view of a failure in life, not a self-supportive educated man. You think the way a child thinks. All ideas and no reality.

I don't really believe that makes you evil, just immature and uninformed.

But, you did say the Terrorist attacks were justified, you just now try to edge away from that a little and I give you credit for that with this point, if they are doing wrong, if they are so far out there that intentionally killing children is okay, then does that not mean they are crazy? When the Texas mother drowned her kids in the belief she was doing good, was her belief enough to make her right? These terrorists are the same thing. They have worked themselves up to believe their God wants them to conduct a 'holy war' and all the things they say to you and me is just their own minds filling in the blanks. Nobody will intentionally want to see themselves as evil so the mind will step in and adjust their world accordingly, just like the point I tried to offer you with Ted Bundy.

Go talk to some professionals about self-supporting delusions. I have no doubt that many of these terrorists believe what they say, but that does not mean that what they say is actually the truth. You blindly accept what they say, you can't even try to doubt them because to you what they say makes sense because of all the energy liberals have put into making America into the bad guy, but get outside of that Joker, you live at home, you have plenty of time on your hands, go out and talk to some people outside of these circles and get some real depth to your reasoning.

As far as this paranoia against this law, well I can't help you believing that all agents only want to put innocent people in a cell forever for doing nothing. I can't change your mind about the fear you feel from the leadership using this only for politics to put people they don't like in cells. Maybe that is how "YOU" would behave if given this power but that is not how things like this would really happen, and I will use your own words to make it:

You say the person in charge will delegate it right? So several people will know about intentionally snatching up someone they do not like and putting them in a cell......Right?

The more people who know about it, the least likely it is to happen because while it may be legal, it will be a massive black eye to anyone who does it and someone "WILL" talk. Bill Clinton could not get away with screwing miss piggy in the oval office and only a couple people knew about it, how in the hell can they keep something this volatile (and worth so much money to the media) silent? Common sense Joker, it really is not very common to people like you.


Conservative/Liberal Beater
It's hilarious that you call me uninformed. You have no clue what my living situation is, for one. Two, you still seem to ignore the fact that they are indeed pissed at us for stuff we've done to them, no matter how much you keep saying I'm skirting YOUR questions. Like the one about how Bin Laden should've been kissing our ass because we used him for our purposes. He was a damn Saudi. He had/has family in Saudi Arabia, and could've avoided the whole Russia/Afghanistan mess, but he didn't. He helped us (probably unintentionally) by leading the Mujaheddin to victory in Afghanistan, and we pissed him off by leaving American troops in his homeland. Not really a hard concept. You're constantly dodging the fact that there's more to it than Bush and his cronies ever admitted.

I never justified them killing people. I never justified the "attacks". I simply justified a reaction, but NEVER condoned them killing people. People can react to what they believe to be a wrongdoing by other means than murder. Look up Straw Man on Wikipedia, TJ. You keep feeding me opinions I don't have.

It's not paranoia. It sincerely bothers me that the government believes they can overreach this much and we just throw up our hands and say "Meh." This should bother you too, TJ. And yes, it will be delegated. And those people to whom the power was delegated have 1 person to answer to: The President. And it would be pretty easy to keep everything under wraps if they did it slowly, taking a few people at a time from random places.

Bill Clinton getting a bj is a tad bit different. He didn't do a great job at hiding it, and it was worth money. This would probably be worth money as well, but it probably wouldn't make it to the media as easily.