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I think this is a great topic for a fourm!

With the boom in technology and advancement on photography the sky is the limit.
Maybe we should have some classes or discussions on Photoshop and other photo manipulation programs.


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I have Photoshop and I have one hell of a time getting my head around it. Maybe soneone can post up some tutorials.


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Well check out my new forum, i'll be posting all kinds of new ideas and tricks.

also, i have photoshop for dummied in pdf form if anyone wants it. email me.


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Let us all know. I haven't spent the money for PhotoShop but I sometimes play around with the Open Source GIMP photo editing stuff, but haven't used it to it's full potential. I was told that if you are used to PhotoShop it will take a bit to get used to GIMP.


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For some reason I can never get the cloning brush to work right in photoshop. I use a program I got called Ulead. It was in a bundle with Hot Meatal which is a web designing program. The ulead program is old and pretty simple but it works great.


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Who said I "paid" for it, this is the internet after all. I'm gathering a whole mess of stuff to post later tonight, that I hope it helpful.


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Ok, I haven't forgotten to come back and post, I've just been stupid busy and had jetlag this week.

Digital is easy to tinker with because it's easily manipulated. Just takes lots of patience (yes I know this is me talking).