Public Transport

Anna Perenna

Big Time BS'er
Man. I got the public transport blues.

I am on a long train ride to the Blue Mountains right now. This should be a pleasant experience spent reading and enjoying the scenery but an inconsiderate guy has forgotten his headphones and is watching a movie really loudly on his laptop. I can't read my book while that tinny sound is bothering me. But I'm too 'polite' (read: pathetic) to ask him to turn it off.

In fact, everyone around him is irritated, it's an eye rolling / sighing party in here. But he is oblivious and we are all too trapped by our fear of confrontation to try to do something to end this.

I feel like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. I understand why he snapped.

I'm not even going to go into my bad luck with arm-rest hogs on planes because I just want to post this.

What would you do in my situation?


Big Time BS'er
Come down with an very loud infectious sounding cough and announce, *Damn I thought I was over this!*


Progressive Killer
I would strike up a conversation with the guy about the movie, go on and on about how great or poor the movie is, talk about the actors and other movies they were in, talk about mistakes in the movie and the songs, give some real life examples of how this movie reminds you of your real life and wondering how they seem to be talking about you, turn paranoid about people watching you and how this movie proves that there agents in the Government who are after you and trying to turn you crazy so you don't btring them down with all the information you know your not supposed to know..........

I bet you ten bucks he will close his laptop and get away from you ;)


I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For
Start fidgeting, scratching your neck and arms, swat at the air, and claim that bees are all over you. Then claim to see fire through the windows and snakes writhing on the floor.

Heh heh... got me bumped up to First Class.