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Iron Fisted Ruler
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I know this is like culture shock for you. You go to bed and the site is either closed or still on the old software. You wake up and the site is totally different. There are several reason why I switched software and I won't get into it now. What I want to do is make it easier for you to make the adjustment to the way things work. This software has features that will allow us to do things we couldn't do before and it will scale better as we grow.

Here are some new things we have or will have as soon as I turn them on.

  • Facebook, OpenID and Windows Live ID sign in. This will allow new members to join the site without going through the registration process an they won't have to remember another password.
  • The PM system works a little different. If you were a member of WPYO then it will be similar to the IM system we used there. If you get a PM the conversation will popup when you get to the index page. Then you can read the PM and choose to reply right away. If the person is on they will get the reply as soon as they go back to the index. You can also add up to 6 people to the conversation or if you can start a new conversation and add up to 6 people if you wish.
  • You can easily post a link to your twitter account. On the text editor when posting or replying just click the Twitter icon,
    , an add your twitter user name.
  • Posting and replying to the topics is much the same except that you'll notice a difference with the effects when you reply to a topic. The page scrolls.
  • The gallery is much more powerful than what we had. Gone are the albums and the old gallery. Everything is in one place. If you had a private album you might want to edit to set it private again. I have had reports that when I imported them the private albums became public. With this software when you crate a private album the only people that can see it is you or anyone that you allow. I can't even see the contents.
  • The blog isn't installed yet. It will be and your posts will be imported once it is active. You'll notice that the blog system will be more powerful that what we had. For one you'll be able to create blogs from an RSS feed so if you want to have your own mini news site it will be possible.
  • In your profile and in the sidebar you'll see Recent Status updates. This is sort of like Twitter. You can let us know what you're doing.
  • You can close the sidebar if you wish. It will stay closed until you want it open again or until you log out and back in. Just click the icon,
    , on the right of the sidebar to close it.

You might want to read the help files. Posting videos is different. Any threads that had videos posted are broke. They will have to be edited for the new system. I am going through these slowly and will eventually get them all working again.

To post a video in a thread click the video icon in the editor,
, and add the link to the video. There are also extra options so read the help file for them.

I wanted the site to be unique. I think I accomplished that with the skin. I will be adding a lighter skin so you'll have 2 choices. Until I get the light skin installed I'll leave the default skin active. Use the skin chooser to change to the IP.Board skin.

You'll find that things will run much more smoothly and thanks for being patient with me while we go through the change.