Republican Space Rangers.


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Yea. Awesome. The only argument the left has left since all of their programs have failed since inception. Try to paint their opponents with dick jokes and gay humor.

I love it when defeat rears it's head so terribly.


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It's humour, IWS. Repubs aren't supposed to "get it".
No. I get it. It's funny. I'm not a Lib.

Like when I started posting Newsbusted vids. Libs didn't get it, but decades of SNL, Daily Show, Colbert Report and such, with lib slanted views, all of which I have watched and found funny were great.

This however is supposed to have humor, and is somewhat funny, but the intelligence and intellectual humor is lost or drowned out by the obvious hate and misinformed exaggeration of the intended humor.

I do however see how an intellectual child would so appreciate the dick jokes and gay humor.

So enjoy.


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Republican Space Rangers was AWESOME because of the way it over stereotyped EACH political party. Reminded me of the shit Vortex (Vito) would pull off on WPYO to over stereotype himself. Maybe IWS was too busy being "OUTRAGED" to see the liberal stereotypes it was poking fun at.. Like the signs for the new President that read "TAX ME" and "SOCIALIZE ME" coming from the cheering crowd.

Also the stance on homosexuality was over exaggerated. It was almost as if they were trying to imply all liberals, are gay during episode 1-2.

The one with the illegal aliens was pretty damn funny too.