Single Sign On - Unified Login System


Iron Fisted Ruler
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As many of you know I have a few forums covering a variety of topics. I have enabled a system that will allow you to login to any of the sites in my network with your login information that you use here. Some of you have accounts on some of the other sites. If you signed up at those sites with the same email address as here then your login was merged so when you login it will use the info from here.

If you have never joined any of the other sites in the network and if you use your login from here you will have to edit your profile. The only thing that this universal login does is allow you to login to any site on the network without going through the registration process.

Here are the sites that you can login to now:

Android Phone Forum
Windows 8 forum
Windows Server 2008 Forum
Mac Mini Forum
Forum SEO Help
Microsoft Visual Studio .Net Programming Forum
Computer Help Forums

And of course if you are a member of any of those communities and haven't yet joined this forum then your login from there will get you logged in here.

I will be adding this to the last 4 sites soon. You can keep up to date on what the sites in the network are by visiting Schwarz Network the main site.

If you have any questions post them here and I'll try my best to answer them.