So what are your movie tastes?

RoyalOrleans said:
I watched Rob Zombie's remake of "Halloween" last Sunday. I highly recommend it!
Saw it...very good very grim. Also took in Halloween 2 (2009)...very grim with plenty crappy symbolic flourishes to make it edgy (stoopid). The kill scenes were particularly brutal. It's my contention that much celery died in the making of this film.


Big Time BS'er
snafu said:
I think King of Queens is one of the funniest sitcoms out there. Having said that I was disappointed in Mall Cop. I was expecting more from him I guess but I still think he's one of the funniest people out there.
Me, too. I've seen every episode a zillion times each and it still makes me laugh. My boyfriend says I'm Carrie's character to a tee. We do have a lot of similarities...


Big Time BS'er
I watched one called The Chumscrubbers a couple weeks ago. It was pretty good... dark comedy basically communicating how the suburbs suck the originality out of you.