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As you can see I have changed the software that runs the site. The new software is geared to make the user experience much better. The interface is new, exciting and extremely fast. It does lack a few features that we had, but, in reality those features weren't being used. After all this community has been and will always be a place to chat about or debate any topic that piques your interest. Switching to this software allows us to get back to our roots and makes it easier to to do what we do best. Talk, debate and get to know each other.

With the change come some problems. Your login might not work. You might have to reset your password.

Reset Password Here

If you no longer have access to the email you used to register and can't use the password reset function then post in the temporary forum I have set up and I will change your email address so that you can then reset your password.

If you no longer have access to the email you used to register then start a thread in the Password Reset Request forum and I will manually update you email so you can reset the password using the reset password form.

I am sorry about the inconvenience, but, felt it necessary to change the status quo in order to bring this community into the future.
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