Some Changes


Iron Fisted Ruler
Staff member
I made some changes to the usergroups. All active members that have 3 posts or more where moved into a new group I created. This group is exactly the same as the group all of you belonged to so you should still be able to do everything you were able to do before this group was created.

The default usergroup no longer has permission to use signatures or PM's. I have noticed that new members were registering and then creating a signature that showed on the profile page and sending spam PM's and then never came back. This is spam and to combat it I disallowed signatures and the use of the PM system for newly registered users. In order for a user to get full permissions they have to post 3 times. Once they do they get promoted to the new group which has full privs as before.

If anyone is affected by this let me know. It looks like the promotion system has promoted everyone. If you had sig and PM permissions before the change let me know. Just make sure you also posted 3 times.

I had to do this to combat spam. The spammers are getting smarter and have learned how to get through the registration spam filters. These new steps will make it harder to spam the site.