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Progressive Killer
Here we go, I never tried to make it seem like I was never part of the problem, I have said several times that I do add to the mess but that the mess was already there before I added to it, so again let me say that yes, I am at fault for inserting more into the horrible mess.

I am sorry for that, but to be honest I felt it was unfair for me to face 5 or 6 people at once when it should have been me and the person involved, most of my additional unreasonable comments was I guess my way of being unfair to those who were unfair to me. That was my fault to think that way and I do take responsibility for that.

So what now?

I propose a new start but not like any that have ever happened before, I want to both give my forum members a gift and also to ask all of you to help me to get along with you better at the same time by giving you some responsibility to go with that gift.

Step one, I am taking both eddo and wez off my ignore list, I hope they can stay that way but I will promise that only things said/done after today will be considered by me for any future action of this sort. Ali, I ask you to please postpone placing me on ignore because I think you can help me more than most to figure out how to move foward being as your so close to most of the members I seem to have the most issues with.

Step two, anything negative that has happened with me and the other members here is now forgotten and forgiven. I will not bring up the past and I ask for all of you to please give me the same chance and let the past be in the past. I am sorry we have gotten here and I ask for your forgiveness for my part in everything.

Step three, we got here not based on one thing but the accumilation of many things and even old wounds that have not healed. These things built up over time and I would like to avoid this from happening again so I am going to give everyone on this forum a "safe word".

Times Hush.

If I am stepping on a nerve that is bothering you please do not call me names or put me down, instead just say "Times Hush" and I will drop it. I really mean this, I want to have spirited debates but I do not want people feeling like they have to try and e-kill me just because we do not agree on something so I would rather just drop it. The problem is sometimes I can get the bit in my teeth and I just keep running when I should most likely just stop so I ask you guys to just give me the "Times Hush" comment so I can try and avoid hurt feelings and the need for those feelings to grow to the point they are at now.

Your responsibility to go with your use of the "safe word" is to try and let me know exactly how I got on your nerve and maybe discuss with me in private on how we could get to the point I was trying to make without hurting anyone's feelings. I can see how maybe someone might think that last part is too much but I am giving away a great deal of myself in this exchange, I am giving everyone the power to basically tell me to shut up and I will follow that order as long as the person will help me get better with getting along while still discussing these things.

Basically I am placing myself at the mercy of this forum and it's members. I am humbly asking for you all to help me be a better person and someone you would like to discuss things with.



I don't like you.

I can appreciate the sentiment here, and I am all for moving forward.

I don't realy care if you ignore me or not (or if anyone else wants to ignore me.) That's up to you.

I think we can all learn from ourselves and others, so this may be good for all of us.

but, I think I'll just see how things play out a bit. Please pardon my hesitance, but I'm not so eager to let my guard down just yet. I hope you are sincere in this.

In the meantime, I will refrain from being mean, and won't mention your significant other at all.

Good luck.


Progressive Killer
I will prove it to you with my actions, I just ask for people to see what I show without old issues coloring the glass they look through.

That is not to say I will not be an opinionated azz, my views will not really change, all I am trying to do is figure out how to share my views so you guys don't want to e-kill me in the process, lol.

Your help in this process will be appreciated.


Eschew obfuscation
I will copy/paste the reply I left on TJ's public profile here so that people don't think I am callously avoiding this thread:

"You know what, Louis....that was an honest attempt from you. I will give you that. In light of recent events, I still do consider myself to be a fair person.

I have a lot of other things rolling around in my mind at the moment, and I will give your proposal the consideration it deserves. I will think on it and give you an answer on Monday.

And I do thank you. Have a great weekend."

I think a weekend break from all of this is exactly what everyone needs. :)


Big Time BS
We're cool as far as I'm concerned TJ.. you can say whatever ya want to me whenever ya wanna say it.. I have no desire to try to harm you in any way.. No rules or stipulations from me..
Awww....for sure I'm in! Warm hugs and snugglies all around!

In all seriousness....I admire you TJ for putting so much thought into how to resolve some of this. Takes a nice big pair of stones to admit wrong doing.


Big Time BS'er
I'm cool with that. Thank you for really listening and understanding now. I was convinced you were a lost cause, but this is really refreshing and a glimmer of hope. I hope we can all get along from this point forward, even if we don't agree on everything.


Eschew obfuscation
Ok...I am not too rotten of a person that I can't spy a genuine attempt to try to set things back on the right track. Believe it or not, I'm much more interested in having fun here by sharing laughs and helping one another out when we just need someone to listen than to rub people's noses in messes from the past.

I will not put you on ignore, TJ. I'm glad to see that you have lifted the feature for wez and eddo, too. Everyone has good things to contribute to this site if they choose to do so. Everyone.

And if I ever get out of line, anyone can feel free to message me about it as well.

I hope this works because I would sincerely like it to.



I don't like you.
Ali said:
And if I ever get out of line, anyone can feel free to message me about it as well.
I echo this as well. I know at times I can be the instigator (SHOCKER!!! :p) so if I am the one getting out of line, you all have the permission to bitch slap me via my profile or whatever.

I'm all for us all playing together.



Progressive Killer
All I or anyone else can do is "TRY". There is no gurantee to be sure, well there is one gurantee, if you don't try, you are guranteed to fail.

I am sure I will still irritate some who do not share my opinions, I said that much in this thread too, my goal is to try and not let irritation build to the point of people feeling like they have to try and e-kill me.

Being willing to shut up when asked is not really that difficult of a thing to accomplish, but the really difficult thing is letting go of the motivations to be ugly to each other. Sometimes we can hold to these desires in an almost desperate embrace.

I am also willing to take advise Anna, what more could I do to prove I am willing to meet you and other people half way? Get involved, you might just like how it turns out.


Big Time BS'er
Anna Perenna said:

This thread is yet another lame ploy to get attention.

You'll all be arguing again in no time. AND SO YOU SHOULD.
Like TJ needs anymore attention.
I guess you haven't gone back though the threads lately. I think this was a good gesture that was well needed...


Big Time BS'er
Anna Perenna said:

This thread is yet another lame ploy to get attention.

You'll all be arguing again in no time. AND SO YOU SHOULD.
Anna got it right, One of many who have left this site rather than engage in grade school level debate with TJ.


Super Moderator
hugo said:
Anna got it right, One of many who have left this site rather than engage in grade school level debate with TJ.

Yep. First time I called Times...Hush it just led to him putting in his last words and proceeding to go to pm's and refuse to see his ignorance and irrelevance of his stupid lottery comparison to wanting a ruling party.

So, as I also predicted, this means nothing. Don't bother trying it.