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TJ's own, private "Personal attack" playground


Progressive Killer
*Chi* said:
I give up. Continue being annoying and disliked.
As I said, you can never offer a single actual example of your claims, if you want to come back with links to you actually objecting to the gangbangs I will gladly offer you an appology for what I have said......but no amount of empty and unsubstantiated allegations will get me to believe the untrue claims you have made.

Show me the proof, not empty words.

As far as being liked, if your idea of being liked is to swallow lies and join in on gangbangs just to fit in I am glad to dissapoint you with my own actions. I believe in being an individual first, and part of a group only if they fit into my own beliefs. I was once very much a part of eddo's group until I saw the way he and Ali behaved with MrsK and if they thought that was okay, then I could no longer be close to them.

When you reward their actions with your blind friendships, you take their actions to yourself. That is my point with Ali. When she supports them blindly even when they are wrong, she is guilty of what they do just as much as if she did it herself.

?Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.? ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I don't matter in the slightest, I am just the current target in a long line of people who have been subjected to the gangbangs run by Ali and eddo. The question is, does that matter? Me, I say common decency does matter, there should be limits to how far a person is willing to go to chase their hate. But eddo and Ali do not see any limits. Anything is fair game as long as it can be used to try and hurt those they do not like.

You are just as much a part of all this, you add fuel to the fire, your one of the main people who claim everything I have said is lies. You join in on every gangbang even if your gone for a long streach you will show up to be part of the gangbang then you will dissapear again.