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Verbal masturbation.. wez style..


Big Time BS
This post is where I will be verbally masturbating on my summer golf scores and progress through nursing school for the next two years, or until a time I am banned. Lot's can happen in 2 years.. I think "guests" can post here though so, my friends, I ask you to please help me keep this one thread unlocked. Thank you for your cooperation...:D

84 on my latest pathophysiology test. A bit below my standards but I'll take it.. extra credit will put it over an A. Yay me..

First visit to shadow a nurse at the hospital was a blast today.. Next week is gonna be a bitch. **** me.

Disclaimer.. All credit for the term "verbal masturbation" goes to my dear friend.. Emkay. :) Come visit me!


Big Time BS
emkay64 said:
This place is a boneyard! How do you stand it? I am the only person here. Hello....hello....hello *echoes*. Mists roll in...I shiver....

It's new.. and full of good people.. only 8 months old. I musta scared everyone away. You know me :rolleyes:

Stick around and get your bearings.. you'll see. The format is great.. so is the staff.

If you have any questions about anything.. just ask. :)


Big Time BS
Took my final math test today.. Aced it.. Got 25/25 on all 4 of em.. Yay me.

Just looked at all my classes.. Sitting good.. A's and B's.. Looks like my 4.0 gpa streak may come to end this semester though.. oh well.. Pretty damn happy with myself. Not easy to go back at near 40.. Loving it. Wish I could afford to be a student the rest of my life..

Plus.. all my nursing classes I need 94% to get an A vs. the usual 90%.. quite tough...

Not to mention anything under 77% is failing and getting the boot.. :eek:


Big Time BS
85% on the latest pathophysiology test.. not bad considering I was on my death bed.. yay me.

40/40 on my nursing theorist paper too.. can't wait for the end of the semester in a few weeks.. then it's all golf scores. ;)


Big Time BS
Grades are out..

NURS 301 01 Health, Healing, Harmony 3.00 3.00 0.00 Letter Grade A -

NURS 302 03 Prof Nurse (Clinical) 3.00 3.00 0.00 Letter Grade B +

NURS 304 01 Professional Nrsg Skills 2.00 2.00 0.00 Letter Grade A -

NURS 308 02 Nursing Informatics 2.00 2.00 0.00 Letter Grade A +

BIOL 368 01 Intro Pathophysiology 3.00 3.00 0.00 Letter Grade A

3.71 GPA.. missed the deans list by .04.. My life is ruined..


Big Time BS
85 this morn.. I suck.. My buddy beat me by one.. My other buddy hacked up a 114 though.. :D He didn't play too bad, just a few really bad holes.. Fun though. Beautiful day here the last 2.. Bout perfect.


Big Time BS
79 today .. Sucks though cuz I was only 1 over par after the front 9 with a 37 then proceeded to have 2 doubles and 3 bogies in the next 5 holes til I parred the last 4 to finish 8 over... Dammit, shoulda busted my best ever 77 today.

Anything under an 80 is good though.. yay me. Figure I'll go pro at 50.. :D