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Verbal masturbation.. wez style..


Big Time BS
I fixed the retard repping. Congrats Wezzie! So proud of ya! Are you giving free physicals at BS? I bet all the boys will be lining up to feel the wrath of your gloved hand :D

Thanks sexy... so nice to be done.. :)

Yep! All free.. who's first?

I'll be damned men as nurses. When do you get fitted for your skirt?

JK. :lol:

Right after your physical.. *snaps glove...

Thanks bud.. preciate it..


Big Time BS
So where's the paycheck? I hear the nurses are going to be more needed and have more obligations now that the doctors are quitting.
Still looking snafola.. I got interviews at 2 hospitals lined up here in the next couple weeks. I had a nursing home I interviewed at a couple weeks ago call last Friday and say "you ready to start".. lol.. I told them I still had a couple interviews and would it be ok to call back at the end of the month with my decision, so I hope I would still have a job there if I don't get any other offers. All the online applying SUCKS!

Tough market out there for new nursing grads right now but hope to be working soon.. Tons of nursing jobs if I had some experience though.. they all want it but few places want to give it.. Most big health systems around here have closed their new grad residency programs and come right out and say new grads need not apply.. bastards.. One interview is out in Casper Wyoming.. not real excited about packing up and moving but I will if need be..

I don't wanna be a cowboy! ~ Jerry Seinfeld


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Took my final math test today.. Aced it.. Got 25/25 on all 4 of em.. Yay me.

Just looked at all my classes.. Sitting good.. A's and B's.. Looks like my 4.0 gpa streak may come to end this semester though.. oh well.. Pretty damn happy with myself. Not easy to go back at near 40.. Loving it. Wish I could afford to be a student the rest of my life..

Plus.. all my nursing classes I need 94% to get an A vs. the usual 90%.. quite tough...

Not to mention anything under 77% is failing and getting the boot.. :eek:

I so wish I could also afford to be a student forever. Learning is really fun for me.

Regards in your chosen career. :cool: